William Henry's Revelations
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Thursday April 18, 2013

Travel to the Stars, DARPA, Wormholes and the Ancients

This week listen as William Henry tells the startling story of why DARPA's latest research into faster than light travel via wormholes mirrors ancient descriptions of what appears to have been star travel.

Meet William Henry at the Revelations Symposium in Nashville May 17--19. For tickets call William at 615-292-5397 or go to William Henry.net.

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Getting energy to align with the fabric of space-time is indeed the key. I've wondered if this can also be done by creating a completely smooth acceleration, one where the surfer does not run into the resistance of the "waves" (as Henry mentioned). The contours of the outside energy would be taken into account in this instance, so no buffeting would occur.

Relaxing into the flow of the fabric of space-time would allow a bubble-ship to avoid any resistance, it would be going with the grain rather than against it. Ship and the space around it would be united. This process seems similar to the aligning of the chakras in the human body so they operate as one distinguishable entity. DNA may be energetically fed when the body is in a state of alignment, at various points during the day (particularly during sleep and exercise).

Becoming ONE with the fabric of space-time is the key to psychic powers, according to my experience. Once energy merges with the fabric, it can travel instantly to the future and relay information to an operator in the present.

Another interesting aspect of space-time immersion would be the effects upon the Pilot of such a vessel. The Pilot might feel the actual alignment with the fabric of space while he traveled, experiencing it as an onging, smooth emotion. This symbiotic relationship of both Pilot and ship might invigorate the Pilot substantially and create a profound kinship with his ship (shades of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise).

When we think about the resistance we may apply in our own lives, against people, ideas, and places (and the frustration it causes), the beauty of a frictionless star traveler becomes evident.

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