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Thursday February 16, 2012

Is there Hidden Prophecy in the Pyramids?

Gary Osborn and Scott Creighton have written in the Giza Prophecy what William Henry calls a groundbreaking new book about the pyramids which takes a completely new look at their purpose, and their prophetic significance for our own era.

Offering a radical new perspective on the Great Pyramid of Giza and all the structures surrounding it, including the Sphinx, Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn demonstrate how the designers of Giza intentionally arranged these massive structures to create an astronomical time line recording catastrophic events in the past as well as warning later generations of the precise times of future catastrophes. They reveal how the Old Kingdom pyramids of Giza were created, not as tombs for the pharaohs and their queens, but as “recovery vaults” to ensure the rebirth of the Kingdom of Egypt after a global disaster by acting as storehouses for ancient Egyptian culture--its tools, seeds, art, and sacred texts.

This is the first of a two week series. Listen next week for the surprising conclusion and how it relates to 2012.

To go to Gary Osborn's website, click here.

To go to Scott Creighton's website, click here.

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im sure they had many interesting things to say but the noise was just too invasive to keep listening how bout you try it again with a clear line??

I have studied and followed the Ancient Egyptian connections for many years, especially in regards to our night skies and, so far, I am not hearing anything entirely new, although I look forward to Part II of this interview.

Another researcher out of Australia, Wayne Herschel, wrote a book several years ago correlating not only the Egyptian pyramids, but other ancient monuments in the world to the stars. Check out his ideas here:


There seem to be many researchers hot on the trail of these ancient mysteries...All very similar in their ideas, yet with slightly different interpretations about the meaning behind it all. These various concepts are all very intriguing, and I know and totally accept that we may never know the answers, but they are exciting nevertheless...

This brings to mind a line from Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest." At one point near the end of the play, secrets are beginning to be made known that will affect many of the characters and their relationships to one another. Gwendolyn Fairfax, waiting anxiously for the truth to be known about her suitor utters the line, "The suspense is terrible!". Gwendolyn then breaks the 4th wall and says in an aside directly to the audience, "I hope it will last!". :-)

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