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Wednesday August 8, 2012

Terrifying Headlines Every Day--What Does a Prophet Say?

The headlines are screaming about record heat, drought, trouble with Iran and Syria and all manner of calamity. So, what does it all mean and  above all, WHERE ARE WE GOING?

Nostradamus scholar John Hogue has a notable record predicting what's on the way, and today William Henry asks him, 'what about the next few months?'

Listen as John paints his picture of what the future holds for our climate (and note that he predicted the blazing summer last March), the middle east and the world.

John Hogue's website is HogueProphecy.com.

Get his ebook about Iran today! Explore it by clicking here!

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How a doctrine as madly evil as neocon-ism could have flourished post Vietnam and post Watergate in the very corridors of power is testament to mankind's utter incorrigibility. Better luck next time, Gaia. Goodbye humanity and good riddance! A cockroach society might be a distinct improvement.

This is not Nostradamus but is certainly NOTEWORTHY. This religious thing just keeps going on and on and on…..A friend sent this report on to me today.


(From the SchwartzReport). Two SR readers from Louisiana sent me the URL for this story. One added, "I live in New Orleans which will never be the same, whatever the media may tell you, and the rest of the state is sinking into a kind of fanatically religious hate filled dark ages." This is the latest on what is going on in education there. After you read this, with actual quotes from the textbooks, you can make up your own mind.


It is dismaying, bordering on repulsive, for the more mature and balanced among us to be rubbing shoulders, as it were, with someone capable of Mr. Fischer's adolescent effusions.

My kingdom for a vomit bag.

Thank-you, Carollee, for the links....very interesting and yes, a bit scary....

Thank-you, Carollee, for the links....very interesting and yes, a bit scary....

Florida, as well, is about to go to the voucher system. But parents can decide which school they send their children to, so it doesn't necessarily have to be one where curriculum involves some of the crazy shit in some of those textbooks mentioned in the Mother Jones article, which, by the way, is very obviously slanted. I like the articles there, generally, but they do have a "tone," if you know what I mean.

I know this is a crazy thought, but some have reported that the U.S. and other powers have technology capable of causing earthquakes, as well as crazy weather phenomena (HAARP). Iran had a terrible earthquake Sunday, displacing thousands and destroying infrastructure in areas. Again, I know it sounds crazy, but could there be a connection? As horrible a thought that it is, a big enough catastrophe could certainly put a damper on a country's ability to, oh, I don't know, put the finishing touches on an Israel-bound nuclear weapon.

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