William Henry's Revelations

Revelations shows relating to "The Watchers"

May 21, 2014
After a hiatus during with he created a Giam TV show, founded the Sion Academy with his wife Clare, took tours to Egypt and France and published his astonishing, brilliant and groundbreaking book Lost Secrets of the Watchers, William Henry has returned to Revelations! Listen as he tells Whitley Strieber about his journeys, his plans, and the...
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January 17, 2014
William Henry's Revelations is on hiatus until April while William attends conferences and conducts his new tour to Egypt. To keep up with William's exciting and important work, go to WilliamHenry.net. William Henry's epochal new book the Lost Secrets of the Watchers is available now! It is the most definitive book about the legendary Watchers...
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