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April 25, 2012
Robert Schoch is the geologist who proved that the true age of the Sphinx is 10,600 years, based on the fact that the sandstone is water-eroded. Here he explains why the last ice age ended so suddenly--it was a massive solar storm that lasted for years. He explains that our sun is actually an unstable star that goes through periods of...
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May 4, 2011
The scientific community has been amazed to discover that there are changes taking place in the nuclear decay rate in particles being emitted from the depths of the sun. This is an unprecedented change, and David Sereda here discusses what we are likely to experience as this process continues. The increase of energy involved, which started in 2006...
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March 9, 2011
Gregory Sams argues that the sun is conscious, and part of a conscious universe. On Revelations today he presents this remarkable hypothesis, and don't just dismiss it out of hand. Listen to him. As incredible as it may sound, he makes a compelling argument. In any case, he will remind you of how little we actually know not only about our sun and...
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