William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday March 20, 2013

Sweeping Changes in Consciousness

Earth is being birthed into a larger expression, and people are feeling the vast sweeping changes in consciousness all around the world. Robert Perala tells us about the new human blueprint and describes some mind-bending personal experiences that will inspire and amaze you--and, to many of you, be strikingly familiar. During one of his experiences, Robert describes being covered with an oil, which William Henry relates to the oil that covered the prophet Enoch described in the Bible. It's fascinating to listen to Robert's reaction, and William's theories about why this oil might be used during such experiences.

Robert Perala's website is RobertPerala.com.

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WOW, William! One of the BEST shows you've done!
Robert Perala is a super guest, and his anecdotes and humor really lighten what most of us consider to be a rough period in history. I guess I need to try to contact my "team"!
THANKS again!

OK, I feel stupid.... in my extensive study of all things"woo-woo" I've never come across this guy! He is amazing!! Some new ideas about how to improve on the old ones, along with a sense of humor that is so often absent in these subjects. And he's a real-life experiencer, not just another armchair pundit.
So now I'm busy researching his site, his videos, will get his books, etc etc.

Thank you so much, William, for presenting Mr. Perala!

I TOTALLY enjoyed this interview with Robert Perala and believe there are many people out there who have had similar experiences in their own lives; wish this interview had gone on for another half hour.

William, I also liked hearing what you had to say about your own

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