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Wednesday March 9, 2011

Is the Sun a Conscious Being?

Gregory Sams argues that the sun is conscious, and part of a conscious universe. On Revelations today he presents this remarkable hypothesis, and don't just dismiss it out of hand. Listen to him. As incredible as it may sound, he makes a compelling argument. In any case, he will remind you of how little we actually know not only about our sun and the universe around us, but also of ourselves. "This is a life form, not a dead ball of gas in the sky. There are so many mysterious things about the sun that scientists cannot understand."

Gregory presents an articulate and compelling argument that, at the very least, we should view the star on which our lives depend with reverence and gratitude.

To find out more about Gregory Sams please visit GregorySams.com. To or to order his book Sun of gOd please click here.

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Did the Wisconsin Senate vote to end collective bargaining for public unions in their state initiate the X-flare from sunspot region 1166, or did the X-flare provoke the vote, or were the two just coincidental?

We had an X-Flare 2 days ago, then the largest earthquake in the history of Japan. The Great Tsunami of 2008 was also preceded by an X-Class flare. Science says no connection, but I think the truer answer is, we don't understand the connection.

Stuff like this is why I subscribe to this website. Where else could I find this?

Mankind up to this point, probably has a very limited understanding of exactly what it means to be conscious. Out there in the universe there are probably, unlimited states of consciousness, much different, than the ones we as humans experience. Isn't that what science is all about, using all sorts of different tools, to escape the limits of our senses, to become more aware of the nature of things? So yes, I can concieve of the sun being aware.

In the Beginning was the Word! Consciousness Precedes Matter the Universe is conscious, no?

Your doing great work Will, Keep it Up. BB.

So happy to hear this interview! I have always felt very close to the sun. She feels to me as a close friend, with a sense of humor, and I have never told anyone this for obvious reasons

When in trouble I ask for its help as I would ask not just a guardian angel but a close friend. In the morning I often feel great love eminating from the sun and greet it with a "Hi girl!"
I know it sounds peculiar but I have always felt as if the sun was a benevolent friend looking down & being ready to assist.
A meditation that has worked for me is the following:
I envision a wide brick road, full of light. The brick is multi colored. The sun like a friend, behind me. When I need to find an answer or get unstuck in a problem, I ask the sun to help me to the other side of this road to where I should be. The sun feels like a light cheerful light behind me helping me to the other side. If there is a definite goal that I want I always end the meditation with "This or something better, Amen".

Well this is just silly. (no offense) because Everyone knows the Earth is the Mother & the Sun the Father........

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