William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday February 13, 2013

Startling New Evidence that the Universe is a Computer Simulation

There is startling new scientific evidence that the universe really is a computer simulation. Not only that, the Human Brain Project has just been given a billion Euros to reconstruct the human brain in a supercomputer. Here, William Henry interviews Anthony Peake about his theories presented in the Labyrinth of Time, and how they relate to the news that the discovery that we are probably part of an enormous simulation, and that its creator may have been US!

Learn more about Anthony Peake and his powerful insights. Go to AnthonyPeake.com

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is anyone else having trouble playing this show? I get a message regarding the codec.

I've just been watching/listening to Tom Campbell "My Big TOE"...
You guys just blow my mind!!!

Excellent show. Here are some links to the things discussed for those that want to investigate further.

Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation (download paper on right-hand side link)

The Human Brain Project

@Paul - Just checked out Tom Campbell. Really interesting... thanks for that.

What you see, is precisely what you get.

Great show! Loved the guest and lots to think about!

I think I am living in a computer simulation because I just rec'd an email from unknown country telling me that my subscription isn't renewed when my own stats on here clearly state that I have another 6 mo of membership to this website. Ha!!!!

Trying to download a couple hours ago crashed my computer and wirelessBroadband device; so I had to go have it re-activated at BestBuy-Mobile. Now I tried to download again, but starts by saying 44 minutes (!) and looks too risky to attempt again. I guess some can download; others can't? Hope it gets fixed. Thanks.

The archived content is just so very, very priceless! I have made as my backups 2 complete sets of every PDF, converted to PDF from other formats such as Microsoft document formats, audio and video files available to subscribers. I have been very fortunate to be able to do the same thing, as a subscriber, with the content from Joseph P. Farrell's Gizadeathstar, Howard Hughes' The Unexplained, and Henrik Palmgren's Redice Creations/Radio. I am also a huge fan of William Henry, Whitley Strieber, and Anthony Peake! What a privilege it is to have access to the work of the greatest researchers and writers on the planet!

Nancy, you are not alone I too received a renewal email with 5 month still to run. Also a time warp experience with Annes' last diary entry. Strange days at Unknowncountry

Nancy and Juliana, I also got an email stating my subscription was cancelled due to non-payment even though I paid for mine almost 2 weeks ago with no problem. Guess there is a glitch in the UC system that needs a good talking to...LOL

I can see where this would harmonize with any number of ideas that are and have been out there for ages. Interesting.

I must say though that, for whatever reason, deep voices and especially those with British accents do not get along well with the audio equipment UC and many other podcasters use.

I've had my subscription for years and never received the free book or cup or anything that was given away for free. It never comes, Why I did not ask for it you guys said I would received it because I am a long time paying customer.

This show won't play properly

The world is waking up! People like the folks at Oneness University and TM are opening the doors to the new way of being. So many are waking up now!

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