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Wednesday March 2, 2011

Space Weather and the Changing Human Mind

For years now, the sun has been acting strangely. A huge storm is unfolding on normally quiet Saturn. Our own weather is bizarrely out of kilter. And it all has to do with the sun, and the sun ALSO affects the mind of man. We are being profoundly changed by what our sun is doing, and Susan Joy Rennison probably understands more about this than any other student of the subject.

This interview offers absolutely extraordinary insight not only into how the sun is changing the world around us, but also how it is changing us and HOW WE CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. Brilliant information.

Susan Joy Rennison's website is SusanRennison.com.

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I haven't even heard the interview yet, but agree with the supposition wholeheartedly. The solar blast that hit earth yesterday raised my stress level severely. Today, the weather has blasted the area with heavy wind gusts and hail, and the solar cycle is only now starting to intensify. I look forward to what I am about to hear with great interest.

William has done us all a favor finding Susan. I just did an additional interview with her which will be posted for subscribers in the next week.

Does anyone remember the "Harmonic Convergence" predicted by Jose Arguilles? That occured around July 4, 1989 coinciding with the great solar storms of that year.

Good luck trying to order Susan Rennison's book. It can only be ordered direct from the UK and costs $44.95. I ordered a copy of the English Hymnal once--it was similarly expensive and took months to arrive. If William or Whitley can make some copies available at the Unknown Country store, it will be a great help to all who want to follow up on this extraordinary information.

This was incredible! It just ties so much together but also, so much info here.

Yes, the dear woman is on to something, I agree.

I have been reducing toxins in my system for years; flouride free toothpaste, steel kettle instead of plastic, drink water at work from steel container rather than plastic etc.

The net result of this is deeper and deeper conscious connection to a simultaneous parallel awareness that aids and guides.

I definitely remember Jose Arguilles' Harmonic Convergence." Wouldn't you love a conference with Jose Arguilles, Gordon Michael Scallion, Barbara Hand Clow, Susan Rennison, Maurice Cotterell, Will Thomas, Nick Begich, and other ICT (Independent Critical Thinkers)? They could weave a coherent portrait for us lay people on space weather and the incredibly, breathing and dynamic responses by Mother Earth to the human- and technologically-driven assaults. What an awesome conference that would be. Hint: I'm on the East Coast, DC area.

Agreed Barbara...from the West Coast ;)

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