William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday June 1, 2011

The Secrets of Sacred Space

Crop circle master Freddy Silva knows a great deal about earth mysteries and sacred spaces. Here, he explains to us why it is that there is  a 'special' feeling in these spaces. How does earth energy come into these places, and how does it connect across hundreds and thousands of miles? These spaces are far more valuable to those who understand them and can use their energies, so listen up as Freddy Silva explains to us just how to empower ourselves to make life-changing use of these sites.

William Henry asks Freddy, "Can these ancient temples transform us now?" Freddy's answer: "Absolutely, but you have to know what you're doing." 

Listen and find out.

Freddy Silva's website is CropCircleSecrets.org

Get his new book, Commonwealth, from any bookseller or online source, or click here.

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Please have Freddy Silva on Dreamland or Revelations more often! He is great, very knowledgeable, easy to understand, and brings an enthusiasm that is often lacking in others that are interviewed. He also manages to retain his objectivity, while also engaging in speculation beyond "Is it real, or is it hoaxed?" The channeling aspect involved in human-made crop formations has been an idea that I have played with for an awfully long time, and I am glad that he has come out and discussed it.

If you look at all forms of art, many times channeling is involved and on various levels, and crop formations, as an art form, are part of it.

I have several of the past calendars which he compiled, and treasure them.

Freddie has become one of my Favorite Guests, and this interview IMHO is the most interesting so far; while I love his Crop Circle work, it was fascinating to see the discussion go outside that particular box.

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