William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday January 9, 2013

Secrets of the First Templar Nation

Before the Knights Templar even announced their formation to the pope, they traveled thousands of miles to Portugal where they created the first European nation-state. Why did they do this? Why did they build such strange buildings in Portugal as a church without doors? The church was used by them until the destruction of the order, when a door was added. So how did they get in and out? In his new book, the First Templar Nation, Freddy Silva explores these and other mysteries. This compelling interview reveals secrets of the Knights Templar that have never been revealed before, thanks to Freddy Silva's ability to read Portuguese, and his research into rare ancient texts still kept in that country.

Freddy Silva's website is InvisibleTemple.com. To get Secrets of the First Templar Nation, click here.

In his book and presentation the Light of Sion, William Henry explained that the ancients expected a great light from the galactic center to appear at this time. As it happens, just after the first of the year, scientists released information about a gigantic stream of particles leaving the galaxy with the power of billions of exploding stars. William tells us how this discovery relates to ancient predictions.

Go with William Henry on a life-changing tour to Rennes le Chateau and the mystical countryside around this storied town in southern France. Explore the secretes of the Templars in one of their most power-charged places. To find out more, click here.

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What a fascinating conversation! In the discussion of the Crucifixion having been a metaphysical event, it is similar to Jane Roberts' Seth Speaks book, where it states that the Crucifixion was a "psychic" event.

Excellent stuff. After 2 years of listening to Dreamland archives, having heard all of William Henry's appearances on that show, today I decided to listen to Revelations for the first time, and this was the first show; appropriately ; ) . Someone that may be writing this post might be in a manner of speaking something akin to an initiate of some such organizations with which the orders discussed in this show may be associated, and to the extent that that is so, it may be said that that person is very pleased to hear what may be said to be kindred spirits speak such excellent truth - and so succinctly, that such a one with oaths not to speak so succinctly as might be writing a post such as this would not be able to say. It is so cumbersome to say some things sometimes ;) . LVX, jc (Sign of Silence)

Wonderful interview William, which compelled me, a lifelong Templar history fanatic, to buy the book. To those considering, its well worth the investment. Endless amount of data that I thought I already knew. I found out I didn't really know much of the history. And one thing that you might also like to know; the first 1000 books sold are signed by Freddie Silva and numbered, at no extra cost. I got number 451. So if your thinking of buying you should do it soon.

Ho hum. Templars again. More anti-Catholicism. Ho hum. Does all this new age tripe and re-written history actually pay the bills, Mr. Henry, or do you have a day job too?

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