William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday November 16, 2011

Secrets of Ancient Indian Art

A dramatic week on Revelations as William Henry talks to an anthropologist who discovered an arbor glyph (an ancient carving on a very old tree) on the Chumash Reservation in California, AND to a Chumash elder who interprets the ancient knowledge contained in the glyph.

William Henry writes, "Recently, I was in San Luis Obispo, CA giving a presentation. In the audience was a man who continually gave deep, knowing nods as I clicked through slides featuring Jesus as a star being or star gates in ancient art. His name is Rex Saint Onge. He is well known for discovering the arbor glyph on a tree on the nearby Chumash indian lands. After my talk, we had a chance to walk the land and I quickly realized this is a person of immense knowledge and wisdom.  He's on a mission to decode and share the star knowledge of the ancients.  I hope you enjoy his message as much as I do."

To get a copy of the paper about the glyph that Rex refers to in the program, send your request with the subject heading Glyph Paper to GCAEC@Verizon.net. (Corrected email address. If you tried and got your email returned, please try again. We regret the error.)

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