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Wednesday January 8, 2014

The Secret Knowledge of Om Sety

Today, we acknowledge the passing of a light and, in a way, the passing of a torch.

Hanny el-Zeini, who wrote in collaboration with his friend, Om Sety, died in November, 2013. Their 1983 book, Abydos: Holy City of Ancient Egypt remains the ultimate guide book to this extraordinary temple.

Hanny was also a collaborator with Jonathan Cott on heir best-selling book, “The Search for Om Sety,” which is easily one of the best documented stories of reincarnation ever told.

Dorothy Eady, later known as Om Sety, a 3-year old child in England, suffered a fall and was pronounced dead by a doctor. When she regained consciousness, it was as if her current personality had been merged wih the personality of a previous incarnation as a temple virgin in Abydos, Egypt.

Hanny el Zeini was a retired director of Egypt's national sugar industry, a lifelong amateur Egyptologist and closest confidant of Om Sety, with whom he recorded hundreds of hours of conversations about her strange life in two worlds, and the unsolved mysteries of Egyptian history.

As today’s guest, Melissa Riley, will tell us. Hanny el-Zeini was privy to the secret knowledge of Om Seti. If you’re the likes of Zahi Hawass or others desperately, even greedily, seeking the secrets of Egypt, you desperately want to know what these two friends knew. Whether the lost location of Nefertiti’s tomb, the secrets of the gate of the gods at Abydos, the lost tablets of the Anuannki, Omm Seti and Hanny el-Zeini have gone to the West with this knowledge. It is presumably lost to us…or is it?

We may have Melissa Riley to thank for picking up the torch of Hanny and Omm Sety and leading us to daylight. We welcome Melissa to Revelations. Melissa’s website is Mysticalvoyages.net.

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If you compared the story of Om Sety with the story of Sandy that is currently on dreamland would there be any parallels to be drawn here? Could it be the same thing that is being displayed in both cases?


Of course it is. When Dorothy Eady took had that fateful accident at age 3, she experienced near-death and had her consciousness blown open at a very early age. If you have not read 'The Search for Omm Sety', I suggest that you get a copy. She was doing much more than remembering...She was also bouncing back and forth between realities her whole life. She also continued her affair with Seti as well. Fascinating reading...

I have that book and have read and re-read it multiple times. There is so much we don't know, or rather, have forgotten.
~ Cindy

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