William Henry's Revelations
Tuesday November 23, 2010

Rock and Roll and the Paranormal

There is an incredible connection between rock and roll and ancient secrets, and Chris Knowles understands it. Ancient mythology and shamanism influenced modern rock to an unbelievable extent. Many rockers are shamen, and cults like vodoun and druidism, which are integrated into rock mythology, are remnants of ancient Egyptian religion. Chris Knowles says, "This is not an accidental process," as he relates rock iconography to symbols that date back even beyond Egypt and into the stone age.

Chris's website is SecretSunBlogspot.

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This is totally fascinating. I never imagined that rock was so deeply embedded in our mythological past.

Any form of creative expression is embedded in our mythological past, not just Rock music. Art taps into the collective consciousness, whether it is music, painting, drama, dance, or literature. For those who are totally into any art form, it can be a spiritual and transcendental experience that also allows a direct connection to the artist. For those who listen to Mozart and 'connect', there is often immediate recognition of his music, even if it is piece the listener has never heard before.

By the way, has anyone else ever wondered about Eric Clapton and George Harrison? Their styles of guitar playing are soooo similar, and they were also inspired by the same woman, Patti Boyd. Kinda weird...:-)


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