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Wednesday April 6, 2011

Robert Bauval from Cairo: What Happens to the Antiquities?

William Henry talks to Robert Bauval from a hotel room in Egypt, where Robert is exploring changes in the Egyptian government, and how they might affect the future of the monuments and the magnificent artifacts stored in Egypt. Many members of the Egyptology community felt that Zahi Hawass, the Egyptian Director of General of Antiquities under Hosni Mubarek, would resign and perhaps even leave the country. However, a short time after he left his post, he returned to it, saying "I can't live without the antiquities and the antiquities can't live without me."

It has been thought that the departure of Mr. Hawass might open up new archaeological opportunities in Egypt, which have traditionally been controlled very tightly by his directorate.

Robert Bauval's website is RobertBauval.co.uk. He is the author of many of the most important books about the lost human past ever written. To explore his work further, click here.


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Just received BLACK GENESIS from Amazon, and can't wait to begin digging into this vast treasury of history of our ancient ancestors.

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