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Wednesday February 8, 2012

A Revolution is Coming--but Prepare for the Unexpected

Richard Dolan is among the most highly respected UFO researchers of all time, and here he predicts that we're reaching a tipping point after which the average person is going to know that UFOs represent some sort of unknown intelligent presence in our world. Then he goes on to tell us just how this will change our lives and our world, causing a profound disconnect between the population and the established media, military, scientific and governmental authorities.

His take on how this will happen, and why it is not far off, is extremely important, especially to people who want to navigate the change that is coming in a coherent and mature way, rather than continuing to rely on a lying government, an incompetent media and complacent, self-serviing scientific institutions. Through its process of blanket, total denial, the government has kept the media and the scientific community in a state of confusion about this issue for sixty years. But now the phenomenon itself is beginning to overwhelm denial with a vast and ever-increasing number of UFO sightings and close encounters, and society now has in the internet a tool that makes it harder and harder to continue to hide the truth.

"Our whole society will be seen for the illusion that it is. I don't know how it will shake out, but it's going to be messy."

Listen close, there is wisdom here for the open-minded.

Richard's website is KeyholePublishing.com. Don't miss his important books, among the finest ever written on the UFO subject! To learn more about them, click here.

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Thank you, Richard Dolan, for your voice of reason. This kind of interview is exactly why I have been listening to Dreamland and Revelations for so many years!

Always like listening to Richard. However, at the end of the interview I think he may be a little too logical and left-brained in his thinking and leaves no room for the wonder and magic that is also a part of life. Perhaps mankind has been operating on some kind of disconnect, if you will, trying our best to cope with life on Earth with one hand tied behind our backs. If we have been left out of the loop, and we were suddenly re-connected, which the ascent to higher consciousness would be, things could be very different for the human condition, very quickly. No so much group think but group realization. I think mankind deserves a break after eons of suffering. Maybe it's time, who knows. I never want to discount the sense of magic that as children we enter the world with, because that may be the real wisdom that inevitably falls away the longer we live in this dense vibration.

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