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Wednesday January 26, 2011

The Revelation of the Magi and the Winged Serpents

Before William Henry left for Egypt, he did this guest spot on his own show, with Whitley Strieber acting as interviewer. He talks about his journey in search of the winged serpent on this journey. Incredibly, his new wife Claire's father was actually with Lord Carnarvon when King Tut's tomb was opened. As he went it, he touched a scarab and was knocked senseless. Claire is presently planning to compare photos and experiences with the Carnarvon family, and report more on Dreamland.

In this interview, William also discusses what he considered one of the most incredible books ever written, the Revelation of the Magi, which was recently discovered in the Vatican Library and translated after 800 years being lost in the stacks. It tells a fantastic story of a light being accompanying the Magi to Palestine, then entering the body of the baby Jesus.

This is powerful, utterly fascinating information.

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William and his group are in Egypt now, and the media is making it look like the place is having a revolution. We are not in touch with them, and I trust that they're fine but prayers for their welfare obviously would not be remiss.

point taken, Whitley.


Seems like a transformation in consciousness is taking place in Egypt! Come back safely William!

I very much enjoyed this Revelations show. I agree with William that allowing one's light body to fully interface with one's physical body enabling it to also be one with the light body is a goal of human evolution. And that beings which are able to achieve full awareness and control over this process can move (at will) through self-created portals. I havent read the book but my interpretation of the "Sun" myths is not that Jesus is a starchild -- but actually a manifestation of the Sun itself on earth (his light body). And furthermore, I believe that each of us are stars -- that our souls and bodies are attuned to our "stars" and that we come here to experience what Earth has to offer even as we may travel to other planets and manifest there. Even more than the ideas expressed so well in this interview (altho I seem to keep missing the connection w/the winged serpent which is unfortunately so like me) . . . what I enjoyed most is William's sense of joy at being on a journey with others who also joyously are walking into the light (my metaphor, I think -- not his).

Just some odd synchronicities to consider:

Akhenaten was considered the "heretic" pharaoh. He believed in one god, the solar disk of the Sun. William is all about transformation into light beings and ascension. Akhenaten's views, and his decree that all of Egypt was to worship the Aten, led to a revolution in Egypt that resulted in his name being removed from most of his monuments in the country, and for all intents and purposes, the end of his dynasty.

Right now, William is over in Egypt during some extraordinary events over there. They are in the midst of a revolution

William's wife, Claire: Her father was with Carnarvon when he entered Tut's tomb. Tut is known to be, if not the son, at least a very close relation of Akhenaten. In the interview William mentions Clarie going back to England to retrieve her father's photo album, something that she has been reluctant to do until recently. She also plans to meet with and compare photos and notes with the Carnarvon family. Whitley remarked on Claire's striking eyes. I've seen her photo on William's web site. She is striking, and her features bear a more than passing resemblance to Akhenaten.

I think we are going to hear some extraordinary interviews on Dreamland and Revelations in the near future.

Get back safely William and team!

My thoughts and prayers are with William Henry, please let us know when you hear anything new Whitley.

Whitley and William questioned why Jesus would have come at the time he did, whenit was such a dark time for humanity. My thought was that was precisely the reason he came then. The need was so great.
RE the currant age and the visitors: Tradition and prophecy from around the globe tell us that our current age is the time of great awakening. This is the time when we have the opportunity to grow spiritually and into a much greater understanding of reality. It seems to me to be a time when we could apply our collective genius to repairing the damages we have created with pollution, excessive materialism, etc. and general abuses of all kinds. We are supposed to be in for a wondrous age.
BUT - We hear from Linda's contacts (not for the first time) that the visitors are here to collect DNA tor use as a bandage to get them through to the time when they can repair theirs. AND - they are us! They are time travelers from our future!
There is a huge disconnect between between those two scenarios.
Any speculation or comments?


"Much love and gratitude to everyone for your prayers. Clare and I are in Cairo -- safe at our hotel. We leave for the airport in the morning. We're booked on a flight to London. Please pray for us and our group that we get through the mayhem at the airport and on the flight."
The above is the last message on William Henry's Facebook, not sure when it was posted but think it was on Saturday, no further word.

Whitley have you heard anything?
Notice the date says Feburday, it is now 01-31-11 7:00 PM Eastern

Odd, the date. Also, the time posted for Aquarius is 00:11. Mine says at 02:11. It is January 31st, 8:13 PM.

Very best to William Henry!... Hope this is not a bad time to bring up a subject I've been pondering, since it was brought up again in this interview. I'm not sure I understand the negative remarks you hear of the possibility that a race of beings referred to as Reptilians may exist. And I'm not in the David Icke fan club. But I see no reason to make a blanket judgment therefore dismissing things Credo Mutwa might say -- or Jim Sparks -- who said to Linda Moulton Howe that the Reptilians made him aware that regardless of whatever happens with humans, the earth must survive. There is also an internet rumor that Rh-Neg blood originates with Reptilians. I have Rh-Neg blood and I take this curious concept with a grain of salt. So the conclusion I tend to draw from this negative reaction is that some people tend to have very strong opinions when it comes to scaley-type creatures. And where THAT originates I wonder and speculate about too. Just sort of putting that out there. Thanks.

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