William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday September 16, 2009

Resonance and Reality

Marie D. Jones, Dreamland's newest guest host, is an expert in finding the scientific basis of the paranormal. She is the author of the Resonance Key, which delves into the way in which the latest concepts in physics suggest that there are very real reasons for paranormal experiences. Here she discusses the idea of resonance with William Henry. She asks the question, "is reality creating us or are we creating reality?"

They explore how cutting edge physics and ancient knowledge agree on the idea that reality is not actually as fixed as it looks, that it is vibratory and resonant, and Marie tells us that we can actually increase our own vibration by seeking out people with high resonant frequencies--people who are vividly alive, compassionate and optimistic, rather than those who are passive, cruel and pessimistic.

She relates this to ancient structures, showing how they were actually designed to increase the resonance of people entering them, to give them energy and uplift, and how they were probably BUILT with sound.

Is there a new frequency appearing in the grid of life? If so, how do we access it? William points out that his mentor Father Charlie Moore said, "Jesus is an ancient Sanscrit word meaning pure essence, and a Jesus is a person who reaches this level, and spends the rest of his life teaching others to do so." There is a great deal of unusual and powerful information here.

Marie D. Jones's website is MarieDJones.com.

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