William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday October 14, 2009

Regaining Lost Powers

Experiments prove that thought changes quantum measurement. But does it go further? Is the universe itself conscious, as Max Planck and Albert Einstein thought? How has this idea, which was central to the early history of quantum physics, become fringe science? Why have we been catastrophically disempowered, and how can we reestablish our connection with earth and the universe?

Listen as William Henry interviews David Sereda about the bone-chilling reasons that we turned away from this reality and began, as a society, to live the lie that the universe is a vast, unconscious desert, perhaps sprinkled with intelligent life and perhaps not.

How do we recover from our disastrous journey into materialism, and regain our power as part of a living universe?

David Sereda offers brilliant new ideas to help us recover from the slavery and blindness imposed by the illusion of materialism.

Find out about David Sereda's DVD Quantum Consciousness here.

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