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Wednesday August 22, 2012

The REAL Science of Wormholes

It turns out that wormholes are not science fiction, and Vortex-Based Mathematics offers a way to understand and conceivably use these structures in a whole new way. In this riveting show, William Henry and Vortex-Based Math expert Randy Powell discuss how esoteric traditions actually mirror the functionality of this mathematics, and how, once this is understood, how the individual can gain extraordinary power.

You will hear an amazing and unexpectedly critical question discussed on this program: what is the SHAPE of the human soul? It turns out that the answer is very, very important to understanding who we are, what we are and where we are and, above all, where we are going.

Learn about the incredible connection between the symbol of the Caduceus, the Song of the Seraphim and YOU.

Randy Powell's website is the ABHA Kingdom.

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This is really incredible stuff. We are SO CLOSE to understanding these energies. People often say that the grays travel without any conveyances, and I think that people, good people, can come to understand this and participate, also, in the great covenant of light that is the real key to ascension.

Can anyone explain, is this the same energy Tesla was trying to tap into?

Can anyone explain, is this the same energy Tesla was trying to tap into?

William and Randy Powell. What an awesome interview and I thank you both. I actually listened two times and would suggest the other listeners do the same since there is so much information in this half hour. What an interesting time to be alive on our planet and to observe all of these new ideas (probably ancient science being rediscovered) unfolding in front of our eyes. The olden gods have never really left us have they? They still communicate with those that are willing to welcome them into their own consciousness with ideas, sudden epiphanies, flashes of insight, or moments of profound genius. Thank you for such an open and free heart which will hopefully help humanity break though our current boundaries. Hopefully there is still time in this war torn world, so many suffering souls.

Amazing interview! I have only recently watched the movie Thrive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s
which is a must if you haven't seen it.
Thankyou William.

Wonderful, wonderful inspiring interview, chock full of all kinds of connected symbolic dots and information. Thanks for bringing to the attention Randy Powell. And your interviews just keep getting better and better....!
I just checked out Randy's website. I'm I the only one who sees a similarity between the circular diagram of Vortex Math and the symbol for Freemasonry?

So much of this is not new at all...Getting it all to work in the the current physical reality is a whole other matter. The fact Mr. Powell is offering this technology to all is commendable, but...Listen to the Dreamland and subscriber interviews this week with Joseph Farrell. We can never be sure who is 'right' or 'wrong'. Free energy does exist, but will a world run by corporate and political greed allow it to be used?


And, yes, this is connected to the Tesla coil:


We all know what happened to Mr. Tesla---Mr Edison won, as did 'GE'. Follow he trail from there.

Good on both William and Whitley this week. Wow!

Great Reply Cosmic Librarian!

So few people really understand what free energy would bring to this world. It would revolutionize the world in an instant. It would eliminate hunger and water would be plentiful. The environment would be slowly cleaned as industry and vehicles switch to the new energy. Life would completely change as we know it, leaving humanity to learn, to create, to travel and to love!

I really want to believe this, but I googled this gentleman, this info seems to indicate he's not being truthful.

Francis M- ouch. Thx for finding that. Looks like the TEDx program is not vetting very well (nor this program, maybe?). I'd be interested to hear his reply to that post.

The reason the mathmeticians are put off by the short version of this is because Randy is obviously not trained in mathmatics and explains it very poorly. Numbers are the same whether you are using 10 symbols or 16 or 2. The numbers do not change based on your number of symbols, which is what 'base 10' is referring to. That part is not the 'magic'.

Cosmic Librarian is correct, none of this is new and we are taught that Mr. Edison is the 'inventor' of the light bulb and a bunch of stuff because he chose to play the corporate game and Tesla did not.

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