William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday November 9, 2011

Raymond Moody: Life After Life

Worried that death is the end. Forget it, it's just he beginning and Raymond Moody has proved it! Here he tells us about a fantastic NEW discovery, the "shared death experience," where living relatives accompany the dying into the world of the dead, then return to this reality. Enjoy this wonderful opportunity to listen to one of the great scientists of our time tell about his cutting edge research. William also tells a powerful story of how his wife Claire, during a near-death experience, actually used ideas from Raymond Moody's books to guide her through the event.

Meet Raymond Moody and William Henry in person November 20-21. Find out more on Raymond's website, LifeAfterLife.com.

Get an autographed copy of his inspiring new book, Life After Life. Click here!

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Thanks William, good luck with your video project. I really enjoyed listening to you and Dr. Moody. Blessings.

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