William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday April 4, 2012

Radical Transformation in Troubled Times

Last week, William Henry gave his program "the Kit" at the Sanctuary in Sedona, and was highly impressed with the healing program that is offered at this beautiful site. Here, he interviews founder Dean Taraborelli on how the Sanctuary works, and how his own epigentic healing experience changed his body and his life.

Dean Taraborelli describes his own experience this way: "You do not have to be an addict, depressed, sick or simply living a life that is less than the one you know you can live.  I share this from my own experience.  While I once was caught in the cycle of self destruction, I no longer consider myself an addict.  I have healed at a cellular level and my body no longer recognizes and processes chemicals in the addictive way."

William Henry will present "the Kit" at the Dreamland Festival. In his presentation, William Henry reveals evidence of a supernatural and miraculous ‘device’ he calls “the Kit” that was used by the most ancient and advanced aliens and avatars to transform humans into light beings and open gateways to the stars. 

The Kit is the ultimate secret ‘stargate’ device and power tool. Its rediscovery changes everything. This presentation is designed to help you pull all your pieces together and navigate through the gateway of this (r)evolutionary time.

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What a great interview. Would love to read more about Dean Taraborelli. It is so true that all of these spiritual quests are not helpful unless we can bring it down to our every day life. Also addiction is such a cancer and it is just not addressed enough.


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