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Wednesday August 10, 2011

The Pyramid Code

Dr. Carmen Boulter created the astonishing TV series the Pyramid Code, and has gotten some stunning photos of light phenomena in Egypt. Here she tells us about what she has found and experienced in Egypt recently, and it is powerful material. She says "our soul group is coming together," and that is certainly what the internet effort of people like William Henry and the Dr. Boulter are all about. Vist PyramidCode.com during the interview to watch the pictures she and William Henry are discussing. They are astonishing, and careful efforts to explain them have not been successful. Dr. Boulter asserts that they are genuine mysteries. (When you reach the site, click on the images to see more.)

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While I certainly can't identify what the lighting anomalies may be in Dr Carmen Boulter's beautiful images of the pyramids the repetition of similar shapes would suggest they are artifacts created by how the light is refracted through the lens when the shutter is closing. The LASCO C3 telescope in the SOHO satellite has occasionally produced images that have been labeled the "StarGate" which NASA attributes to lensing during shutter closure, but I would not discount the possibility that something unexplained is present in the pyramid pictures. Digital cameras pick up light frequencies well above UV and below IR what the human eye can see.

One person that has spent many years capturing strange video phenomena that may have an answer is Jose Escamilla, the premiere specialist on what are called Rods. He has a website http://www.roswellrods.com/ that presents that phenomena in great detail and has been a guest on Coast-to-Coast. He was also referred to in this UnknownCountry story from Oct 2002 http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/ufo-caught-video

I really enjoyed this show. Carmen's enthusiasm is, imo, palatable and contagious! I wonder if the drawings/paintings which she refers to are considered to be from the time of the building of the pyramids or were they added later on?

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