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Wednesday September 12, 2012

Peter Sterling and the Angels

Peter Sterling has become one of the world's great harpists. He was inspired to learn the harp by his contacts with what he regards as angelic beings. Here he tells us his remarkable story and discusses the use of music as a means of connecting with higher realities, and especially the ancient instrument we call the harp, which creates harmonics that can assist in accessing these realities.

There is a profound alchemy in music, and Peter has learned many of its secrets through contact experiences. He has been made aware of what he calls a 'galactic pulsation,' a wave he surfs and hopes to teach others to surf.

How can you do it? Like so much profound spiritual movement, it's not difficult. You just need to know how.

Peter's website is HarpMagic.com

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Is it just me, or does the interview cut off abruptly right at the end for anyone else? Peter is mid-sentence when the interview ends at 30:37.

"...and my most recent one, 'Patterns of'..." WTH? Pattens of what, may I ask?
Yes, John Byrne - like you, I noticed that abrupt and untimely end.
Wha' happened? Did someone flip the wrong switch? Push the "STOP" button prematurely? Is there any way to hear a complete version, or are Peter's last words lost to the ether?
At any rate, Please have Peter Sterling back - soon! He's a fantastic interviewee, and his information is superlative!

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