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Wednesday July 27, 2011

The Pathology of 2012 Millennialism

An amazing number of people expect that "something big" will happen on December 21, 2012. Odds are, this is an effect of millennialism, or the misplaced expectation that the world will end. Such predictions have been made regularly for thousands of years. That doesn't mean it won't happen this time, but it does mean that it probably won't.

But today's Revelations guest Jonathan Zap is no 2012 debunker. Rather, he shows in this insightful interview, on his website Zaporacle.com, and in his new book  Crossing the Event Horizon just what might actually happen, why it might, and what we can do to make sure that we gain from it all that is on offer.

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To get the first 40 pages of the book FREE as a PDF file, click here. Jonathan Zap's website is ZapOracle.com

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I would love to hear a longer interview with Jonathan Zap, this was great show :).

after hearing all, i was a bit dissapointed, he got off point to the program! humm?
...it was a great explaintion of the 2001 space oddessy. that is one i never really got a grip on till now!
however, he never really got to the point of the up coming 2012 to clear up his point of view for understanding and what he thinks is going to happen or not. our we going to see the "black monilith"???
the little i gathered from him, was? i guess by his discussion: we all have to make up our own minds regardless? as what to think about this date nd time. could it be y2k all over again?

I had the same reaction as David. Never understood 2001 - will read it again now. That was fascinating. But, he really did get off the point and I was sorry about that. I bet it will be Y2K all over again! I will be tuning it out. Dottie

y2k was not a catastrophe because we worked feverishly for over a year to fix the bug in the computer systems. Had we not worked our asses off to fix the problem it would have been a nightmare. With 2012, we don't know what the problem is other than greed, malice, ego, ignorance, indifference, callousness, ad nauseum. And we all know we're not going to fix any of that on our own volition. Even if we wanted to and decided we had to, we'd kill each other off determining the proper way to do it.

BTW- To spring the trap is to activate the trap, not be released from it.

First of all, it's difficult to discuss complex subjects like these in a half hour so I don't fault the guest for that.
Re 2012, I never bought into the doom and gloom scenarios put out by so many for various agendas. Imo, the 'rapture' people are complete nutjobs. I try to be tolerant of other views but for those that take delight in the suffering of others, I'll make an exception. Nutjobs is putting it mildly.
I'm glad that Mr Zap brought out the point that there is no Mayan prophecy because that is a popular misconception. What does bother me is that so many believe that something awful will happen on 12-21-2012. Is it possible that something could happen because so many believe it will?

Would like to have heard more. This was one of the most interesting shows I've heard recently. Unfortunately I still don't know what the event horizon is. The 2001 overview was just great!

Loved hearing about 2001 Space Odyssey. After seeing it many times, it brought a whole new perspective to it.

Agreed, this topic deserves more time.

It's much easier to give into fear, than to accept the challenge of evolving to something higher. I think these "event horizons" offer increased energy that may be used toward creating scenarios that propel the human race toward a higher form and if the mind is the forerunner of all events, shouldn't we be thinking in this direction, rather than dreaming up more worst-case scenarios?

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