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Wednesday June 26, 2013

The Path of Souls and the Watchers

William previews his upcoming works, including his first online webinar, the Path of Souls, which takes place July 12-14. To find out how to join the webinar, click here.

He also introduces his forthcoming book, "Angels of Sion: Lost Secrets of the Watchers, the Holy Race that Rules Mankind". In the book he takes a fresh look at the story of the Watchers, one of the oldest and most mysterious interventions in human history. Did the Watchers come to earth to control us or to set us free? Did they ever leave? And if not, what are they doing among us, and TO us, right now?

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Hi, Your ideas are interesting as always but you might be missing something by excluding or not mentioning the Hathors "a very ancient race of humanoid looking beings with cow ears that travel interdimensionally in the cosmos and were mentioned often in Egyptian times."

MOST EXCELLENT!!! I would suggest listening to this more then one time.

Thank you again for inviting us on the Path of Souls and the Watchers. See you at the webinar! As always, an uplifting challange.

God bless the soul of Michael Baigent. Michael Baigent (27 February 1948 - 17 June 2013) was an author and speculative theorist who co-wrote a number of books that question mainstream perceptions of history and the life of Jesus. He is best known as co-writer of the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. A Freemason and a Grand Officer of the United Grand Lodge of England, he was editor of Freemasonry Today from April 2001 (deputy editor Matthew Scanlan), which he used as a platform for a more liberal approach to Freemasonry. He was a trustee of the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre. May God sanctify his soul.

where can I find a book to read masonic script?
thank you

Yes Laurence, bless the soul of Michael Baigent.

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