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Wednesday April 25, 2012

Our Unstable Sun and the Future of Civilization

Robert Schoch is the geologist who proved that the true age of the Sphinx is 10,600 years, based on the fact that the sandstone is water-eroded. Here he explains why the last ice age ended so suddenly--it was a massive solar storm that lasted for years. He explains that our sun is actually an unstable star that goes through periods of extraordinary instability, and discusses when it may happen again. Incredibly, rock engravings from the distant past actually depict the type of plasmas that would appear in the sky when extreme solar events were underway.

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Very interesting to hear about these ideas from an earth scientist! Dr. Schoch has managed to successfully maintain his academic status while exploring alternative history and science. We are very fortunate to learn about this non-mainstream research from a modern scientist's point of view.

This is the kind of interview that makes this site worthwhile.

Excellent interview! Thank you.

This was really interesting. I agree that hearing about this from a more traditionally trained academic is fascinating. It's reassuring to know that some will take the risk and explore alternative histories. Thanks William!

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