William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday November 10, 2010

Nine Eyes of Light

What is a fully functioning human being? William Henry asks "Nine Eyes of Light" author Padma Aon Parkasha this burning question and gets a surprising answer that, for one thing, suggests that we should go beyond the idea that there are just six senses. There are a vast number of untapped senses, and we can harness them all, and Aon Parkasha has some powerful ideas about how to do that.

His website is PadmaAon.com

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William, the synchronicity of this show is astounding for me. It is an answer to a question I have been pondering for about a month now.

Thank you*

I simply love Anne, Whitley and you. I really do.

... I am running to read his books ! Thank you to UC to invite him and let us discover him.

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