William Henry's Revelations
Tuesday January 17, 2012

A New Reality is Coming

Revelations is on hiatus this week. Last week's program will run for another week: William Henry's wife Clare Henry does her first Revelations interview, and it is amazing. She talks to a pilgrim called Free Spirit who redefines death and explains ascension, and says that three dimensional reality is coming to its conclusion, and mankind is about to embark on an entirely new kind of journey. This man had a revelation that led him to leave his home country of England and wander the Australian outback in search of wisdom.

He found just that, and he tells Clare Henry--and us--what it means and how to find it in your own life. You can become an interdimensional traveler. As never before, this is possible for human beings. We have only to heal ourselves of one particular fear. Free Spirit will tell you exactly what that is, and how to do it.

Free Spirit's website is Awakening2012.co.uk

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Firstly, I appreciate all of the shows on Unknown Country. That said, it really is kind of distracting to have typing going on in the background on some of these recordings. I mean this as constructive criticism only. There has to be a way to keep background noise away from what's being recorded. Also, many times, the host will sound just fine, but the guest sounds like they're in a tin can on Mars. This happens on Dreamland fairly often. The audio should be equal on both ends. I'll have to try to listen to this one again as the manual typing in the background, for me, made it almost impossible to focus on what was being said.

the beautiful soft voice of Clair Henry is such a treat. I enjoyed her interview style very much, and look forward to more from her.

Clair is really special. Enjoyed this interview.

What a pleasure it is to add Clair Henry to the Dreamland family!

I am so glad we found out what a wonderful host Clair is! I have been inspired and continue to learn so much from William.

I suspect the audio problems are due to poor quality devices (phones) on the interviewee's end. It is so disappointing when we have a really great interview going with great sound except for the guest! Perhaps by FedExpress'ing or equivalent of sending them excellent equipment on loan would help. Then you still have their local connection to contend with. I wish they could all either come here to Santa Monica or a quality studio at least.

Just a thought...Whitley and his guest Graham Hancock sounded excellent in the mp3s of C2C just recently. Clear as can be!!!

Clare Henry is a great interviewer and seems such a natural for broadcasting. Regarding the sound of typing -- I have a feeling she was just taking notes and didn't realize how sensitive podcasting mics can be.

I think the higher quality interviews soundwise are probably with guests who have a USB mic setup on their end and are using a Skype connection or something.

Whitley and crew do a pretty amazing job with limited resources. I've been listening to Dreamland since it was only available on AM radio. I used to tape the show and just turn it up loud if I couldn't hear the person interviewed. I love those old tapes. All the static and commercials. It's like a time capsule. I even weaved some interviews into original music I was working on at the time.

Anyway, Free Spirit says he keeps his hair short to save time drying it in the morning. I don't picture a guest like this in some elaborate podcasting suite, sipping herbal tea handed to him by an assistant.

Dreamland and Revelations shows do vary, quality-wise. I think there are a lot of 'Edge' authors and explorers out there who aren't necessarily tech and media savvy and we should put up with a little lo-fi sometimes in order to hear their voices.

Wasn't there a show for January 24th?

It was a great pleasure to listen to this great interview!

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