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Wednesday May 16, 2012

New Realities and YOU!

New Realities are emerging on this planet. That means that the way people think about themselves and the world are changing. There is an influx of higher knowledge that is emanating from "the Unknown." The veil between the dimensions is getting thinner and many people are opening up to dynamic new types of spiritual experience. Here, William Henry interviews New Realities master Alan Steinfeld about just what all this means and where these new energies are going to take us.

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The veil between the dimensions is getting thinner...
I've been waiting and watching and the other evening - I projected myself into a future world where The Collective Consciousness of the planet actually acts as an assistant in helping humans achieve their goals. Sort of like realistic prayer that works instantly. And sort of like building the Pyramids with collective human will power and no other mechanical means.

I think we are returning to our roots. We are returning home :)

good show!

Thank you, William, for finding Alan in San Francisco! It was a little while into the interview when my body awareness picked up passion hearing Alan's intentions as he expressed his revelations on creativity. My research has focused upon body movement becoming the conduit for spontaneous musical expression that changes one's relationship to music - and even more so when it is a favorite singer, song - and we all have a repertoire of music that sustains our souls indefinitely! I look forward to learning more of this area of our unlimited heritage and divinity.

Yes, very interesting. I'll have to listen a couple of times I reckon.

I am so glad that Mr. Steinfeld discusses the importance of being in our bodies. Beyond meditation, just being in our bodies and around nature is so important. For me some of my best insights have not been during meditation, but while out walking, hiking, or involved in other physical activities.

If you have problems in your body that may prevent you from engaging in normal, everyday physical activities, don't let that stop you. Try learning some hand mudras, or any other activity that involves moving any part of your body. If nothing else, shift those eyebrows up and down for a while. (Sounds silly, I know, but all you need is that feeling of the physical). Hey, and sex counts too!

Alan stresses what Whitley focused on in the Dreamland Festival last week. The raison d'ĂȘtre of our being in this place/time in these matter bodies is to receive activation of ourselves at all levels. We first become "earthed" through our many experiences with one another, lived out in this unique biosphere through many incarnation/release cycles. We begin to receive illumination of these bodies by attuning to the cosmic energies being made available now. Meditation is the way we tune in. As we attune, the network of us throughout the globe begins to induce attunement in others. Mutual attunement brings mutual awareness and caring for one another, and we start to ascend together. When our networked light field reaches a threshold level we can begin to "take our show on the road", visiting other worlds and realities in our "Victory Tour".("Send more Chuck Berry!")

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