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Wednesday July 9, 2014

The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau: Startling New Insights

This week, Whitley Strieber interviews William Henry about one of the most mysterious and important places on Earth: Rennes-le-Chateau in Southern France. William has traveled there many times, but his knowledge goes even deeper than that of a frequent visitor. Listen as he reveals the secrets of the royal families of Europe and the high-strangeness Arcturus connection. Then go even deeper into the story of the Cathars who were burned at the stake en masse by Pope Innocent III. Listen as William reveals their connection to the Essenes of ancient Judea, and tells us the prophecy of their holy book, the Book of Love, which they claimed 700 years ago would change the world when it was found.

Learn more about William and his upcoming pilgrimage to Rennes-le-Chateau by clicking here.

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thank you whitley, william for another great show on rennes le chateau and the cathars. between the two of you and anne you always give me so much to think about to hope one day to understand more . this is one of the reasons i love ya'll.

Edgar Cayce’s readings mentioned the radiant golden-(orange) star Arcturus over 30 times and regarded it as the “stargate”—an entranceway to other parts of the universe or to other realms of consciousness:

827-1 “Arcturus, the wonderful, the beautiful! As the bright and glorious light…”
5259-1: “And Arcturus! For the entity has gone out and returned purposefully.”

FROM READING 2454-3 F 43
10. Arcturus comes in this entity's chart, or as a central force from which the entity came again into the earth-material sojourns. For, this is the way, the door out of this system. Yet purposefully did the entity return in this experience.

14. As to the appearances, - these are so varied, as may be indicated from the entity's appearance in the earth from Arcturus, or from the changes that come.

Arcturus is that which may be called the center of this universe, through which individuals pass and at which period there comes the choice of the individual as to whether it is to return to complete there - that is, in this planetary system, our sun, the earth sun and its planetary system - or to pass on to others. This was an unusual step, and yet a usual one.

Fascinating discussion. Like many of us, I've been interested in this history since "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" was published.

Thank you for shining more light on this subject.

Carrollee, thanks for the additional context. So amazing!

Nicely done.



The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau: Startling New Insights.....

Probably MORE then you all care to read but I have listened to this incredible interview more then one time as there is sooo much here....HOWEVER, I have had a few of my own thoughts, whether it be true or not…..


(THE GRAPES OF THE PROMISED LAND) (Valley of the cluster) = The constellation of BOOTES with Arcturus being the most divine or main star but also including the lesser stars in the system, in other words, the CLUSTER of stars? The VINES of the bible referring to invisible lines of energy connecting the whole star system within this constellation? Arcturus being the portal?



BOOTES, the Herdsman, the Ploughman, the Ox Driver, or (the Shepherd).

I would love to read of any other ideas that you subscribers might have.....

I absolutely love listening to Whitley & William together. There's something synergistic about it. The time I got to spend with them at the Dreamland Festival in Joshua Tree {2009} was magical.

I absolutely love listening to Whitley & William together. There's something synergistic about it. The time I got to spend with them at the Dreamland Festival in Joshua Tree {2009} was magical.

carollee thank you for your information. i believe that the ley lines or energy lines do flow on earth and in heaven. such an interesting bunch of topics this week. can hardly wait til next week.


Daily Tidbits 3/13 – Arcturus…..Interesting website….

Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Boötes which is speaking of the Shepherd with with a spear and sickle (Revelation 14:15-16) whose name means ‘the Coming One.’

There can, therefore, be no doubt that we have here not a Greek ploughman, but the far more ancient Oriental shepherd, the keeper, guardian, ruler, and protector of the flocks; and that shepherd identical with the Seed of the Virgin, the Promised One, He who was to come, even ” the Desire of all nations”, that great Shepherd of the sheep” whom the God of peace brought up again from the dead (Heb 13: 20). He also bears a sickle, which shows Him as the great Harvester; and the harvest He gathers is the harvest of souls, as where He directs his disciples to pray God to send forth laborers into His harvest. And the harvesting of souls is the gathering and keeping of the Lord’s flock.

The sickle and the crook thus go together as significant of one and the same idea, and show that Boötes is not the keeper of dogs and hunter of bears, but that promised Saviour who was to come to gather in the harvest of souls and ” feed His flock like a shepherd.”

According to Ulugh Beigh, the ancient Egyptians called Boötes Smat, who rules, subdues, governs; and sometimes Bau, or Bo, the coming One. Al Katurops, the star on the right side or arm of Boötes, means the Branch, the Rod, and is often connected with the figure of a staff, the shepherd’s crook, the traditional emblem of the pastoral office.

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