William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday May 19, 2010

The Mystery of Arcadia

Arcadia is the name of the storied paradise of the past, but was it real? William Henry takes this question to UK researcher Andrew Gough, who has been searching the secret history of the world for the answer.

Amazingly, this has something very, very unexpected and surprising about none other than bees! They have an ancient hidden significance to Kabbalists and many other esoteric traditions, and are a key to such mysteries as Rennes le Chateau.

Albert Einstein said that mankind would perish four years after the bees went extinct, and given that a fourth of the human food supply depends on them, this is probably true. Rudolph Steiner also said that the bees would begin to die about now, which is happening, to the extent that in China they are already trying to get people to replace the missing bees.

What does bee symbolism mean? Why is it so important? What is the lost secret-and the new promise-of Arcadia?

Andy Gough's website is AndrewGough.co.uk.

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This show was excellent and most timely as I caught the announcement about the government cover-up of Bayer's activities in the News Section of the website. Would very much enjoy hearing what Andrew Gough would say about this today and thank you for providing the link to his website.

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