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Wednesday February 1, 2012

Mike Bara, Ancient Aliens and BEYOND

Mike Bara of Ancient Aliens is a self-described “Born Again conspiracy theorist.” His first book, Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA was a New York Times bestseller in 2007 and his essay “The Occult History of NASA” appears in Secret and Suppressed II. Here, he discusses threats such as that of a massive solar flare and other changes that we might be facing--and how to use the principles of intentional choice to make changes that will help us flourish instead of fade.

Mike's website is MikeBara.com.

You can see Mike Bara and William Henry at the Consicous Life Expo in Los Angeles on the weekend of February 10-12. George Noory, Linda Moulton Howe and many others will be there as well!

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I got this book several weeks ago. It is actually quite excellent! The material couldn't be more timely either!

I have listened to this interview several times already, I find it very uplifting in the face of all the political and other stuff going on around us. I've been facilitating a kind of "law of attraction" group since the start of the year, but none of us care about being millionaires and I just ordered books for all of us in the group b/c I think using that energy to make a better world for ALL is more in line with the way we all think. Very much looking forward to reading it with them. And yes, very timely!

clarification - ordered The Choice books ;-) Lisa

You spoke about how storms seem to split and lessen when they approach St Louis and the Arch. I have lived in Denton, TX since 1998 and have watched on the radar the approaching storms we have in the spring and fall. Here they do the same thing. The radar can be full of red to black ominous looking stuff, when all of a sudden it separates and becomes a green field as it approaches Denton with the yellow to red fields going north and south. I've even discussed this with my daughter who has lived here since 1979 and she has noted the same thing. I don't know what causes this, but it happens too often to be coincidence. None of the weather folks (all in Dallas/Ft Worth) ever mention this phenomenon and what causes it I have no clue since I'm not a meteorologist. I just know it happens. It's interesting to watch.
Interesting interview, especially that we have to realize that our intentions and our choices do make our reality and do affect the mass consciousness. This is especially important in our present time. Haven't read the book, but I will be getting it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

a very pleasant interview i like it when educated and informed people can still say i dont know. I especially liked his view of where we as a planet are. Our planetary consciousness (when put into context of history) is astounding! Sure tyranny still happens but now the ENTIRE world knows of their actions and condemns them enmass. Sure people still starve and are persicuted but the world sees it and acts to intervene in the name of HUMAN RIGHTS. Do you think 50 years ago anyone would have given little more than a damn about Banda Ache? or even the 250,000 dead? no, because if they heard about it it would still be "their problem" Finally do you think 20 years ago we would have elected a black man as anything let alone president? A woman presidend of the largest muslim country? A Pope apologize in public? things are better than ever and with the ending of secrecy itll be best.

I live in Auburn, Alabama and the same thing occurs here--storms split up and diminish as they approach us, then re-intensify over Georgia.

I live in Auburn, Alabama and the same thing occurs here--storms split up and diminish as they approach us, then re-intensify over Georgia.

I live in Auburn, Alabama and the same thing occurs here--storms split up and diminish as they approach us, then re-intensify over Georgia.

The Arch doesn't split the storms. The concrete streets and building of downtown create a heat oasis of rising hot air. Sometimes a thermal inversion occurs just like the weather pattern that doomed Dresden during WWII,

The real reason the Arch was built is so a mega-croquet match can take place.

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