William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday September 28, 2011

Looney Beliefs and REAL Secrets

The internet is packed with looney, unproven nonsense about the past, the future, UFOs, aliens, ghosts and practically anything else paranormal or unusual that you can name. But what's the REAL story? Listen as a skilled professional investigator tells William Henry about some of the real secrets he has uncovered during his extensive research into the edge of reality.

Nick Redfern's website is NickRedfern.com.

William Henry, Nick Redfern, George Noory, Dr. Roger Leir, Stephen Basset, John Major Jenkins, Senator Mike Gravel and many others will be at the Conscious Life Expo this weekend in Los Angeles. Whitley and Anne Strieber will be given a life achievement award at the festival. For more information, go to ConsciousLifeExpo.com.

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Nick Redfern interviews are the best no matter what the subject. His knowledge and delivery of that knowledge are the best.

Keep up the good work Nick!

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