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Wednesday December 5, 2012

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: Spiritual Change and 2012

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is a Cosmic Mythologist, Global Alchemist and Clairvoyant Healer and is the great-grandaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She is on a profound mission to complete his legacy and reveal our true origins with extraordinary intuitive gifts which are deeply connected with the 'Magdalene' and 'Gaia-Sophia' energies of love and wisdom. These two forces connect many dots that are coming into our awareness, now more than ever, as our solar system aligns with the Galactic plane in 2011-2012.

Here, William Henry discusses possible spiritual changes with Laura that could emerge out of the confluence of energies as the end of December, 2012 approaches. Laura's intensity is palpable as she describes to us how her mind is opening, and how, if we wish, we can take advantage of what is becoming available.

Her website is Cosmicgaia2012.com

Both William and Laura will be presenting at the Star Knowledge
in Arizona over December 10—13

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William: Dan Burisch is a con man. Don't believe anything that comes from him.

This interview gives me the feeling that Laura and William were trying to convey something very important that just got lost in translation.

Everything moves from one subject to another at lightning speed and sometimes I find myself unable to keep up.

There's a lot of stuff like "Yeah, absolutely... I feel it, I feel the urgency... but yeah, just as much darkness is trying to sabotage... yeah... they're amping it up"...

What's the urgency?

What darkness are we talking about?

Who are "they" and what are they "amping"?

The answer is hard to comprehend because we move on to another verb & adjective packed sentence...

I feel as if I dropped in on a private discussion that William and Laura started this discussion 8 hours ago and this is just the last half hour.

Interesting show but maybe we could slow down a bit... That's my 2 cents.

Laura is very eager to talk about her message, and she has a lot to say, but it's like listening to the Energizer Bunny on fast-forward. The words just fly by so fast it left me breathless.

I wish William had suggested that she take a breath now and then and slow down ,so her audience could absorb the words and make sense of what she was saying. It's sort of like trying to dechipher bloggers who don't put in punctuation or spaces between words. After awhile you give up trying...no matter how good the information is.

Otherwise she makes some good points, especially about people needing to open the natural portals within themselves, instead of depending on technology. I wish she explained some of her information more clearly and in depth.

William, a great interview with 'Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: Spiritual Change and 2012.'

Here are a few points I am taking from this interview:

If we want to create a positive impact in our new unfolding world, it requires a NEW UPGRADED SPIRITUAL HEART).

There are energies/powers we do not fully understand but have been with humankind forever. Good/badā€¦Darkness/light. There will be and is a battle going on, military could be involved but camouflaged to look like something else.

Each person needs to make a decision, it will not be easy, one must stay focused and try to help others BECAUSEā€¦..Something is coming our way; wormholes CAN be created (only my idea here but I also think of them as the tunnels from HOPI INDIAN LEGENDS.) EMERGENCE.

A change might be coming from our own SUN.

Note, doorways have been part of ancient myth since the beginning of time. Science fiction movies have been showing portals/stargates for a long time now. If humankind has the ability to think or imagine it then it CAN be done or the idea would not be held in the mind. (Something I once read).

I really couldn't listen to this conversation with Laura. She is too self centered in herself to really have anything to impart to the listener. Much too much "trendy" talk. William, as ever, controlled himself as the pure gentleman.

I attended a seminar Laura gave at the LA Consousness Expo and she was the same way. I'm sure she is a very well meaning person but I ended up leaving after a half hour or so because she wasn't making a lot of sense to me then either.


would anyone even listen to this to this new-age niiny if her last name wasn't Eisenhower?


The part where William asks her to explain her "looking glass" insights is priceless.
Not to put too fine a point on it: this is embarrassing.

The sound quality of her voice is very good, however!

I've developed respect for William Henry.

However this woman, sorry to say, sounds crazy. Manic, unbalanced, unfocused, delusional, paranoid BS, with maybe the occasional sliver of, "well that might be partially true." That was my impression, I could be wrong.

And seriously, if someone handed me a business card that said "Cosmic Mythologist and Global Alchemist", other than asking what the heck they believe that is (for my own amusement) I don't think we'd be spending much time together.

I have to agree with this comment and most of the points made by people after this one.

Not the usual quality / standard of info / guest that I cam accustomed to at UC.

(replying to comment from clcoxon)

Upon seeing her picture I intuited the realization that she and I received our information,perception,understanding and general overview of life,reality and the cosmos from very differing paradigms. Mine isn't crazy.

I applaud Mr. Henry for having the discrimination to judge Ms. Eisenhower worthy of this interview. Far more incredulous-sounding truths have been said by far more enthusiastically-expressive people. Key 0 The Fool trumps, literally, Key 1 the Magician, so it's not only possible but likely that the hard-to-believe things we sometimes hear are far more truthful than the so-called reasonable, scientific pronouncements we take at face value. I am glad to have at last heard Ms. Eisenhower speak; after my having had some skepticism about what I've read of her own writings as well as what others have said about her, I now believe she is sincere. And I would like to point this out to those who I wish to agreeably disagaree with on this thread: history shows that the Beats, the Hippies, and other animated so-called misfits have been right about much more than they have been wrong about, and that same history shows us the true folly of judging them merely by their adherence to so-called social "norms"; in fact, that quality of non-conformity has more often than not be a signet of their authenticity. Thank you Ms. Eisenhower and Mr. Henry both for your authenticity.

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