William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday October 27, 2010

The Lady of the Cup

In this second edition of William Henry's exploration of the secrets of Rennes La Chateau with Patrice Chaplin, they discuss the breakthrough discoveries in Patrice's book "City of Secrets." She discovered that medieval cabalists were experimenting with opening of portals in the area. She also knew the mystical and surrealist painter Salvador Dali, and she tells of an incredible experience he had in one of the portals in the area, at Perpignan Railway Station.

Link to a image of Salvador Dali's painting "Perpignan Station," which is his representation of the portal he told Patrice Chaplin he had seen there: Perpignan Station.

She also discusses "the Lady of the Cup" who has been appearing in the area since at least the 12th Century, and who is also, in all probability, the Lady of Fatima. Unlike the Lady of Fatima, though, the Church ignores the Lady of the Cup. She has been seen as recently as 1976.

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PLEASE see if a way can be found to make the interviewees' words intelligible to those who are listening to the tape online. I would love to know what Patrice Chaplin had to say, but the sound was all so fuzzy that - apart from a word here or there - I could not make out what she was saying! As always, the interviewer (William Henry) comes through very clearly but, as always the interviewee cannot be understood.

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