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Wednesday December 19, 2012

Journey to the Fifth World through 2012

The media hype about the end of the world has almost completely buried the true meaning of December 21, 2012. The result of what this dark public energy is doing is that, after the day passes without the world blowing up (which was NEVER predicted), people will breathe a sigh of relief and go back to their old ways. And, to make matters worse, they will, at best, laugh at what is really on offer.

Here, Michele Wehale takes us past the darksider hype and into the deeper meaning of this special moment. It mattered not only to the ancient Maya, but also to many indigenous peoples. Why? What did they know that we have forgotten?

Michele is a practicing shaman, and she suggests a simple ceremony that can be carried out on Friday, that will help you open your heart to what is here. She reminds us that 'this is about the light,' and she offers a simple way to open oneself to it, and tells us the moments of the day when ceremony will be most beneficial.

Michele participates in many events. You can see her schedule here.

Michele's book on 2012 is well worth reading even after the 21st--and especially then--because of the way it points us to the future as it will unfold in those of us who are open to the higher energies that are becoming more available to us every day.

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begin ceremony asap . . anytime today. build the energy. lightworkers be vigilent. evil wont be taking a pass on its ceremony. intent, prayer, dance, sing, be love in the world!

great discussion, by the way! something to lift our spirit!

be a light on this longest night :)

Wonderful! Just what I needed to hear! thankyou

As far as I can tell, nothing at all has changed. Of course, I wasn't really expecting it to.

The world did not end, but I have to say, something did change, and I have been feeling it for days. I even had the mother of all migraines the very next day. There was a shift of some kind. Stay 'tuned'...

I was at Chichen Itza that day. I have been losing little chunks of time since then. What could this mean?

@Amy Cook

I think that time distortion is very possible. What if in order to enter the 5th World, we have to take a journey through wormhole?


...Or maybe you would like to check how your perception of time compares to 'real' time?


I have noticed an increase in time anomolies as well.

Here is an interesting article, that I found a while back, related to time perception...

The Speed of Life: Why Time Seems to Speed Up and How to Slow it Down

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