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Thursday November 21, 2013

JFK: the Mystery Revisited

Revelations is on hiatus this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the eve of the 50th anniverary of the assassination of JFK.

While we may never know who killed JFK one thing is certain, after all the media coverage of the past few weeks, a lot more people are now motivated to find out who did it than ever before.

“Who killed JFK?” is near the top, if not the top itself, of all the secrets of the US government.

Running neck and neck with the who killed JFK question question of what NASA knows about what’s really on Mars and what happened to our neighboring planet?

New York Times Best-selling author and Secret Space Program researcher Bara has been investigating and writing about both the JFK assassination and Mars for years. You can catch up with his latest thinking at Mikebara.blogspot.com.

He’s here today to bring us details from his new lavishly illustrated book ANCIENT ALIENS ON MARS.

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Not really a mystery anymore. Read "Mortal Error" by guy named Donahue. He's a ballistics expert who studied the case for 20 years. Fatal head shot came from SS agent when he grabbed AR15 rifle and car he was in accelerated. I don't have space here to go through details but head shot was result of terrible accident. Oswald only got 2 shots off, third shell casing was in breach to keep water out. The criminal activity started when SS started to cover up facts in case.

Full Metal Jacketed projectiles don't cause target to explode, only frangible(hollow points) do that. Fatal shot entry hole was only 6 millimeters across. Oswald's riffle was 6.5 millimeter. There's no way it was responsible for explosive head shot seen on film. Eleven people testified they smelled gun powder after third shot. Theses people ( 7 of which were secret service) were all in cars following President's limo. It is not physically possible for them to smell powder from Oswald's shots. It is possible to debate whether or not Oswald's secnod shot, to the throat of Kennedy, would have been fatal.

Jesse Ventura's book is very enlightening as is Jesse!

You seek and accept office, make lots of very powerful enemies, brush off warnings, then cruise around in an open top car, high on meth amphetamine, horny as hell, without a care in the world?

Some people, eh?

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