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Wednesday May 28, 2014

Jay Weidner on the Danger of the Archons

Today controversial author and flimmaker Jay Weidner joins William Henry for a frank discussion about those of us who approach the world with a deeper understanding fear, which is that the legendary Archons may not only be an all-too-real phenomenon, but that the darkness they represent may be in the process of coming to dominate the world.

Or not. It's also possible that a new golden age could dawn, but only if we make it happen.

Jay is one of those people who has some answers to the question of how to do that, and in this powerful interview, he tells us how he's using his new film Shasta: A Revolution of the Spirit to help bring about that result, and cast aside the malign influence of the Archons.

Jay’s career has spanned decades. From his book “The Cross of Hendaye” to his trailblazing film “Kubrick’s Odyssey,” Jay has explored the secrets of alchemy and the coming Golden Age.

Find out more about the film at www.shastamovie.com

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????? no blue ray, no dvd...How are you going to distribute it...?

FABULOUS INTERVIEW!!!!! What a mystical place MOUNT SHASTA must be. I know this post is really long but the movie SHASTA and what Jay Weidner has brought to us today is so very important.

William and Jay Weidner, again thank you for the wonderful REVELATIONS today. I want to say a few things that came to mind as I was listening to the interview. I had the privilege of meeting Danaan Parry many years ago and was able to interact with him in a very small way at the A.R.E. (We did the Gandhi's Prayer for Peace together at a 1992 conference on mysticism in Virginia Beach). He died many years ago but I remember a few things he said from that time. He was camping alone on MOUNT SHASTA and had an awakening during the night, he wrote feverishly all night and was able to compile enough material for a book. BUT this is what I want to share with you and for some reason it felt sooo right to me at the time as it does now.

He believed that every two thousand years or so a WINDOW opens up in the cosmos, it is like a…..WIND/ENERGY FORCE; this window of opportunity. (Portal)? He spelled it MESSIAH BUT SOUNDED LIKE MISS SI YAH.....He felt humankind could transcend into higher vibrational beings at this time as well as our planet OR we could choose to ignore this opportunity. If we ignore this opportunity then we do not get another shot at it for another age or another two thousand years into the future.

http://www.earthstewards.org/ESN-Danaan.asp The time feels like NOW, we are living it. If enough people tap into conscious meditations, perhaps we can HELP make that leap in consciousness.

MISS SI YAH is an energy force, a change/a newness that allows energy to move.

MISS SI YAH, he describes as a two thousand year time period. Like a breeze that blows somewhere else and now it blows on earth/Melchizedek being connected with this MISS SI YAH.

If the window is open this new energy will anchor itself into our reality and we will change, we will move up one quantum level (Danaan's belief as a physicist). If the window is closed the wind will keep blowing but will go somewhere else. This is not good or bad IT JUST IS. When will it return? In two thousand years. The Essenes were preparing/expectancy the way for the new consciousness that Jesus the Christ brought in. Brotherly love taking two thousand years for completion.

What about the next MISS SI YAH? Who will be the seed bearers for the new wind of change, to prepare the way for the next quantum leap in consciousness, the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS/ENERGY? If there are enough modern day Essenes to get us to the critical mass then everyone can make that leap, the window must be left open. It will bring in A ONENESS LOVE, I am you, you are me. The quantum leap will come to those who prepare for it.

"HOW SHALL I PREPARE THE WAY?" Danaan said 3 is magic, it takes 3. His answer to the question was.....I AM.....

Now for Sharron Rose (Jay Weidner’s wife).


DREAM: I am standing in front of a brown brick building and the front side is an all glass window. My daughter-in-law is going to be the bridesmaid in a wedding. The bride’s name is Sharon and she is standing in front of the window being fitted for her wedding gown. The dress is form fitting and the most beautiful antique white silk that I can ever remember seeing BUT the most astounding thing about this dress is the train. It is lying on the floor in waves and full of live red roses. People are standing on the outside of the window admiring the beauty.
Now I see my friend L and she is taking pictures. She is giving all of the photos to Sharon as a gift. I question the expense of this gift but it is something that she wants to do.


After thinking about this dream back in 2002, I really had a feeling that the dream is about a coming union of spirit and with the brides name being Sharon it has something to do with ‘THE ROSE OF SHARON.’ I remember that on Saturday while visiting the HOPI LAND, our guide told us that the Native American prophecy goes something like, WHEN THE EAST MEETS THE WEST THE ROSE WILL BLOOM IN THE LAND WHERE THE RED ROCKS MEET THE SKY. THE POLLEN WILL BLOW TO THE FOUR DIRECTIONS.

william great to have you back i've missed revelations. jay weidner is one of my favorite guests, thanks for the interview.

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