William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday July 25, 2012

The Iranian Leadership Warns of an Apocalyptic War

Based on a threat delivered by the Ayatollah Ali Khameni, the Supreme Religious Leader of Iran last Friday, Iran appears to be planning to start a nuclear holocaust in order to usher in the end of the world and the return of the Mahdi. This madness is supported by the Jewish and Christian right wings and messianic fundamentalists of many different faiths. Just as Islamic extremists believe that a catastrophic war will bring about the return of their messiah, Christian and Jewish extremists believe that it will bring about the return and/or coming of theirs.

All of these people are trying to set off a nuclear war by exploiting the ongoing tensions between Israel and Islam.

William Henry reports on news that Khameni warned of a coming nuclear war last Friday, and discusses his upcoming book "The Judgement Day Device," which all three religions believed that their messiahs used and will use again. But what was it? An actual device? What is the "sign and seal" of the Messiah, Christ and the Mahdi?


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You came through on the second portion (and as a subscriber, I don't mind that you and Whitley are also addressing non-subscribers and potential investors - please know). I would like to send your refined piece to certain contacts, but not sure if the title to your whole Revelations Show might discard their attention to listen to your proposal and strategies - so beautifully expressed from your heart in this last segment. My general email: lnebon@sbcglobal.net or to segue to technical career please use: linda@spaceharp.com
I also have Skype and Mobile to be shared when appropriate.
There is MORE, but the Entry Point may be here.
We are very connected and I am so grateful. Thank You.

Very interesting and, of course, troubling. I had a vision of an enormous mushroom cloud over East London some months back. It looked at least 30,000 ft high. I hope to goodness it was just some kind of sub-conscious projection of fear and not another prophetic bullseye. August 13th and the number 1313 keep bothering me, more so as I only live 33 miles from the Olympic Stadium. Interesting times indeed.

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