William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday March 24, 2010

Infinity: the Ultimate Trip

Recently, somebody close to Jay Weidner died, and he found that he could not bring comfort to a person who was facing the sorrow and terror of death. So he set out to create a DVD that people coming to death could see and that would help them transform their expectations.

Infinity: the Ultimate Trip is the result of that effort, and this amazing video has the power not only to remove the fear of death from people who are dying, but to help us all free ourselves from this burden.

Listen, as Jay describes the journey that went into the making of this film, the people he interviewed, and the hidden realities that he discovered that suggest in the strongest terms physical death should be looked upon as a triumph, not a disaster, and the beginning of a whole new experiences of reality.

The film is available from Jay's website, SacredMysteries.com.

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