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Wednesday May 30, 2012

The Illusion of Time

Ever wondered whether or not we can move through time? Could this dream actually be a reality ALREADY? Listen as Anthony Peake, the author of the Labyrinth of Time, explains some of the greatest mysteries of time in a whole new way. Ever had a time slip? Ever found yourself repeating an event? Ever wanted to see into time or even move through it?

Time is the greatest of all mysteries--and yet science suggests that it may only exist in our minds. Drawing on a remarkable breadth of philosophy, quantum physics, theology, cosmology and popular culture to explore the mysterious connection between the mind and time, Anthony Peake makes an enthralling case for the idea that we may be able to come loose in time and see life in a whole new way.

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Per William's request, I'm hoping that you'll have Tony Peake on Unknowncountry.com again, in whatever capacity possible. His ideas and theories are utterly fascinating and captivating!
Whitley, George Noury - How about it? THANKS!

It's a scary thought that we live the same life over and over again, especially if its not a happy life and we're destined to experience the same events over and over again.

I wish to 'second the motion' that Tony Peake is soon back in interviews by Whitley and George and back again to William! Especially since half-an-hour is way to short to get into these subjects, and we all need to speed-up our ability to digest these revelations in powerful summation of ideas to match "Time acceleration" now. I have several books in my urgent to get list; and now need to add Tony's past & present books to catch-up - help!

Points brought up by Tony in this session seemed to touch upon research and writings of the treasure-in-our-midst, Dr. William ('Bill') Tiller, whose White Papers are offered in the William Tiller Foundation website freely. I've been tackling those very scientific papers lately, mainly because they are the foundation to revolutionary shifts and new frontiers that mainstream "Science" is being forced to face, digest and rewrite their 'textbooks' to include the human emotional and mental impact upon everything we observe in this spiritual universe that steps down into form in all these dimensions we live in. I'm sure Tony's discussions will be easier to comprehend, since he is so wonderful at distilling theory and forming images as he communicates these complex concepts! Thank you William.

While I heard nothing truly 'new' in this interview, what I did hear was someone explaining and articulating the concept of time and reality in an exceptional way. I read the 'The Daemon' by Mr. Peake a few years ago and while he truly understands his topic, his greatest gift is that of communicating in a thoughtful, intelligent, and profound way that that is easily understood.

"It's a scary thought that we live the same life over and over again, especially if its not a happy life and we're destined to experience the same events over and over again."
If you understand the spiral vs a closed loop, it's not scary at all, because you have an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve consciously, and even change the scenario a little bit each go-round. Mr. Peake mentioned the movie, 'Groundhog Day', which is a wonderful way to understand the spiral of time. Bill Murray's character takes a long 'time' figuring out what he has to do to move up the spiral, and it revolves around his becoming an authentic human being by living a full and loving life with integrity and compassion. and finally understanding the beauty and simplicity of the old Sonny and Cher song, 'I Got You Babe', which he ends up hearing upon awakening each morning of everyday, during an untold number of 'lives.'

The spiral is one of the most universal symbols around, and many sacred sites, as well as caves inhabited by early man, exhibit the spiral motif. On some level we are really remembering things that we have known all along, but have forgotten due to the distractions manufactured and projected by our own un-consciousness.

Its fascinating to imagine that all possibile realities exist within us. And it is equally fascinating to imagine that with enough focused desire and intention we can bring into reality that which we imagine. Excellent interview. Thank you.

My grandfather used to say that we keep going round and round until we get it right. I haven't listened to the interview as yet, but I have had contact with Tony Peake in the past (I pointed out that a close variation of his name appears in a Phillip K Dick book as he was intent upon drawing similarities between his own life and the SF authors). I also pointed Tony to a book called Cycles of Time by Roger Penrose that states (in a very simplified nutshell) that the end entropic state of the universe matches the state the universe was in BEFORE the big bang, therefore proposing the idea that the universe/time is cyclic or holds the potential for a new universe of some description. The idea that we live this same life over and over again is interesting/scary and wonderful. Who knows?

I think P D Ouspenskii and Rodney Colin covered this more than 70 years ago..I do not disagree with any of this, just pointing out that ideas are cyclical as well, and seem to come back after 50 years or so....


Add my vote in please. Loved the show and would love to hear a more in-depth interview with Tony on Dreamland.

An incredible and mind expanding interview. I am currently reading the book by David Wilcock called The Source Field Investigations : The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies. There is a lot of the same ideas being presented in both the interview and the book. Mr. Peak's work will be next on my list to read. I also vote for more interviews from Mr. Peak and more like him!

I really enjoyed this interview, however, William, it is a show about time not being 'real' and then you end it by saying "Time is running short..." Really? Time is not real in a physical sense and like Tony, I have known that since I was a kid. it is totally subjective and I have had my own experiences with time slowing so that I could act on something to protect myself and my children. The main fallacy I see in almost all of the scientific exploration is the belief that consciousness exists in the brain. The brain is the interface or communication device that enables us to interact with each other in the physical experience.

Thanks for the great interviews.

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