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Wednesday December 14, 2011

If Earth becomes Unliveable, How do We Survive?

Peter Sterling had a powerful contact experience with the grays in which he was given a message that Earth could become uninhabitable. But what happens to us then? Does mankind go extinct? Not hardly, according to what Peter learned--which fits right in with the whole body of William Henry's work. Listen as they discuss a whole new potential for the human future that is very different from what you might expect. Don't miss this. There is an urgency here that should not be ignored. Most will, but some few won't. Will you be among those who take Peter's message to heart?

Peter's website is HarpMagic.com.

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Thank you for another great interview and here is a little footnote from Edgar Cayce.....

Think on This...
. . . that we see manifested in the material plane is but a shadow of that in the spiritual plane.

Reading 5749-3

I want to start by saying I am a fan, a discerning fan of William Henry. I see myself as someone searching amongst cutting edge information for a perspective. William offers nuggets at times, but when he shuts down an interviewee, such as he did with Peter Sterling about Peter's observation of the carbon atoms mutating, William falls into the abyss of the self-absorbed lunatic fringe that finds word associations in everything related or not, and cuts himself and his listeners off from experiencing someone's observation they feel relevant. William goes on to enlighten us to the fact that it was not really his research that disproves carbon atoms mutating, but "a chemist" he asked that makes him the truth knower. Sorry, William, but there is no absolute truth, only perspective, and a chemists at that, that may be gained in this life form. You only prove yourself to be less than worthy of leading anyone, much less many to a perspective. You hold no ultimate truth, but rather act as a path to knowledge. As such you have great value as an interviewer. You do not have a supreme truth that would allow you to bring a guest to your program and then dispute their perspective with your self proclaimed "truth" from a "chemist".

I agree with what M.D. is saying. Albeit, a bit harsh yet valid. But to look for validation from the scientific community on matters such as these is very much limiting and only seeking validation from a narrow realm of frequency. These matters that are concerning us now, and to a much greater degree in the coming days is of a much, much broader realm. Do not seek validation from the 3 dimensional realm about the 5 dimensional realm, for it has not the capacity to concieve of it.

There is another source to validate what Peter Sterling has said about the upocoming changes for our Earth and solar system. Around 1975, Robert Monroe, during his extensive out of body explorations, encountered a level of consciousness that he named "The Gathering." On this level, many ET races were gathered waiting for a point in time and space to intersect with our reality, creating great if not seemingly catistrophic change. These beings want to see what will happen. This time has not yet come, but my sense is that it will be soon, and that 3D reality will disappear. Since William is basically just a researcher and not very spiritually tuned in, he might be more comfortable restricting his interviews to other researchers of the 3D reality.

thank you MD-i concur wholeheartedly&sadly whitley&especially ann are increasingly guilty of the same

It seems to me that a working, professional chemist who also has a deep interest in metaphysics would be the perfect person to rely upon for perspective. After the interview, Peter asked me for the details. Like me, he doesn't wish to be seen as spreading disinformation. I'll be happy to do a full show on this topic if that helps. Thank you for listening and for commenting. William Henry.

With reverence Mr. Henry, I think that would be a great starting point for an upcoming cast. Clarity, but always maintain, the search for facts is an illusion, and there are only "truisms". Also keep in mind when leading along this conversation that ALL is holographic. That the changes imparted in one bit of "phenomenon" are a representation of what is happening in the whole. For example, look to the neutrinos, look to the Schuman Resonance, look to longest lasting Gamma ray burst... etc. These are NOT discoveries but fundamental change in the nature of what we observe, also know as the fundamental change in the conscious correlations the human brain is making...but the implications are much vaster than "the coming to the conclusion of such" Vision is what we are developing and it is being reflected, holographically.

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