William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday June 8, 2011

Humanity's Deepest Secrets

The Wingmakers, Project Serpo and many other revelatory projects have something in common: Kerry Cassidy. She's part of Project Camelot. Since its inception, Project Camelot has become a leader in the area of whistleblower testimony by providing filmed interviews, shot guerilla style, on location, with key witnesses and researchers from all around the world. We have traveled to remote corners of the globe and revealed secrets in areas previously only known to a select few from secret societies and those with high level security clearances in the secret government. Here she tells HER secrets as a guerilla filmmaker who has gone deep into the secrets that are the real foundation of our world.

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For some reason, this woman sooo echo's Starfire Tor. IMO she started out strong but finished last and I will not be going to her website.

In particular, I did not care for the way she felt the need to chastise William Henry when it was clear he was speaking hypothetically.

I do not like her much at all. But that is just me.

Well like her works.

Honestly disagree with Sange just a little.
I honestly thought she finished better than she started; at least we were finally getting to a little "Real" information. I guess I was hoping for more information and less of a Bio Piece, but like Star Fire Tor; she did seem a bit to obsessed with her own biography for my taste, and even there; it was so scattered and disjointed.

I've become quite the fan of revelations over the last few months, recommending it friends in my online groups; but I wont be recommending this one. I hope when she returns William will be a little more assertive about keeping her on point.

Blessings, BB.

Ha Thomas, I could not get to the end of this presentation. However, based on your observation - I do think I will try to begin to listen starting from where I left off until the finish. It will be hard but I can do it.

Thanks for the thumbs up!

Okay, I am glad I listened to the end. She did get better. But imho I do think she has an edge (a chip on her shoulder) to her and I cannot figure out why. Her information is vital and her work is apparently above reproach... and so important to us all..., so maybe there are not so positive elements to her experiences that she doesn't convey but are evident in her articulations nonetheless.

So many people have been tasked and made to answer for their work and experiences to the point of being ridiculed and mocked, so maybe this is what has happened to her. Unlike Whitley and others who have taken it under the chin and emerged from it as the wonderful well founded individuals that they are, she may still be reeling from whatever it is that makes her come across as definitive and defensive and ready to pounce. It is worth further investigation and I will in fact go to her website and see what I can learn. Maybe there are answers there.

I want to like her. I want to like her a lot.

Thank you Thomas because had it not been for you I would not have listened to the rest of the presentation.

Your Welcome, :)
I was going to come back and post this anyway; having listened to the whole interview last night again for a 2nd time; it does seem to gel better on the 2nd listening; but I'm glad my comment helped you get through it at all.

Ironically I have to fall on the more skeptical side of the Whistle Blower issue, in that I do work in the conventional space industry; and it seems literally incredible to me that Lockheed, Boeing, and the Major Commercial Satellite players would be spending hundreds of millions of dollars per Launch if more advanced technology was available anywhere. The CEOs of these companies are hardly no-bodies; In many ways they ARE the Military industrial complex.

But I have come to know something’s, and believe others, that 10 years ago I would have found utterly incredible, such as the simple reality of the Visitors; having listened to Whitley for some years now, I have no doubt he is telling the truth as he perceives the truth; and I deeply appreciate his ambivalence on the issue of just what the visitors are, or where they come from exactly; but I have no real doubt non-humans are interacting with our planet; and perhaps our reality.

Today something has to get pretty far down my gray box today before I finally toss it in the dustbin.

I have not heard the interview yet - will today after Dreamland and Special interviews... but I love Kerry and visit her site daily and listen to her shows whenever posted. However - I caution she must be listened to with a grain of salt. I find that she tends to believe everything - and I mean everything, even if the info contradicts itself. While she exposes the world to many whistleblowers and opens listeners minds to question reality at many levels - she is a little to quick to act like she knows the Truth and can get very arrogant when talking to anyone who questions that. I suggest you listen to her for the entertainment value and enjoy the odd bits of wisdom and facts you get during the process.

i love revelations, usually. but i lost interest in this show because i felt that kerry was rude and arrogant. i don't care about the content when the guest has a bad attitude.

Thomas, to be clear, either the government or private industry pays for launches, ultimately not boeing etc., whatever their costs are, they extract that and more from those funding the launch, be they private industry or the government.

If there was a simple orbital design, say based on antigrav or whatever advanced tech, which they could build and deliver it exactly once, they would then have no ability to squeeze more money from the government or industry. So it is in the interest of the industry to maintain a large, expensive space program.

I don't particularly want to go down the conspiracy path. But if space technology was built simple, robust and reusable, due to some fundamentally revolutionary technology, the space technology industry would just implode.

Similar to how car manufacturers make most of their bread and butter $$ on selling spare parts, and not building the cars themselves. Building a perfect car that never needed maintainance, would ruin the industry.

The profit margin on re-building 100 million dollar launch devices each time equates to more dollars in the pocket for the industry, than say the same profit percentage, but lets say on launch costs of 1-2 million dollars, assuming launch costs were only based on consumables of some kind, and maybe some maintainance costs, due to the new technology.

Imagine that of this wonderful technology, once built, just worked and consumed no significant resources. This would terrify the industry, absolutely. Obviously this wont be happening any time soon, but an interesting concept.

Misshehand, I am a lot like you in the respect that when I hold someone in high esteem as I do Anne, Whitley and William Henry, it is more than I can handle to have someone be rude to them or disrespect them in any way, in my presence without me becoming vocal about it. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut I know, but sometimes I just can't. BUT I have gotten better! I have improved and I am not near as abrasive as I once was.

Anne, Whitley and William Henry did NOT just -POOF- gain status with me. They have been scrutinized to the NTH degree by me and have passed every possible test I could muster up. I SIMPLY HOLD THEM ALL, along with Linda Moulton-Howe, in the highest esteem. I love Unknown Country and I love this group of people. What is done in love is never lost.

Thomas, isn't it interesting how a meme, of the sort, can literally set one free internally? In other words, without this venue, I wonder where all those people who have had out-of-the-ordinary experiences would turn for comfort, validation, authentication and a sense of belonging. I remember a time when things had to be kept hush-hush because the consequences of speaking out were so dire as to deter any real conversation or forward movement in understanding what was happening to us or that it was even happening to us or any of us-for that matter.

I remember my dad telling me all the time, ad nauseum, how there is no bad or good information--- it is ALL information that will define itself when it is appropriate for it to do so. He used to caution me to NEVER discard ANY INFORMATION if I could help it. I am amazed how true his tutelage was and is today very pertinent, when it used to make me want to just kick him in the shin and run. Ha! (he woulda chased me and caught me and BOY would I be in big trouble if I had ever actually done that!)

Now Thomas, do you think that since US Currency is a fallacy of sorts in that our money is a debt note and NOT real money and it can be printed at the mere desire of the Elitists, and considering the One World Government movement: their desire to rule this planet along with Space itself, factor in at all regarding the Whistle Blowers and how the Space Industry is NOT exempt from lying and/or covering up advanced technology? Lockheed, Boeing, along with several others (not all space related) head the list of GLOBALISTS COMPANIES whose interests involve every aspect of life and our planet as well as space. They have untold resources at their fingertips when they can actually swim in them if they so desired. What would prompt the Space Industry to be transparent in technology, more or less anything else if they are backed by a Oligarchy? IT would not serve them to do so. Do you think that what I am saying are mere unproved allegations? I wonder this myself many times too Thomas. How much evidence is enough evidence for me to accept what is being exposed about them and what their interests are?

I am reaching the point where I have no choice but to accept the allegations against these companies as valid and true, after exhausting every critical thinking technique I know to dispel the allegations to no avail. What do you think? I am interested in your feedback.

Once again, Thanks Thomas!

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