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Wednesday July 13, 2011

The 'How' of Real Transformation: PART ONE

This astonishing show will be presented in two parts, of which this is part one. Dr. Robin Kelly is a medical doctor who has used his professional experience as the basis for an explosive new vision of human life and human energy. Working from a basis of science, he tells how our early lives actually change us genetically, and what we can do to make profound alterations in our energy and our lives.

Twelve minutes into this wonderful program, William Henry explains how looking at images of power can actually alter our being, and from there he and Dr. Kelly go on to discuss the fact that our DNA is not fixed, and is actually open to powerful evolutionary change.

This is very important material because it goes to the deepest core of what the work being done on Unknowncountry is all about: inner change that prepares us for the outer changes that are coming.

Next Week: Scientific evidence is building that we are holgraphic projections mediated by our DNA, and therefore are accessible to profound change and connected not only to one another, but to the wisdom and energy of the living universe around us.

Dr. Kelly's website is TheHumanAntenna.com. DO NOT MISS HIS BOOKS. You can get both the Human Antenna and the Human Hologram from his site, from any online retailer and from your local bookstore. They are available as well for Nook and Kindle.

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This is really superb. We are all wondering how we can change ourselves to meet the planetary changes that appear to be on the way. Dr. Kelly has important insights that must not be missed.

This was very uplifting and empowering!

But where is Part 2?

Thank you for such cutting edge and uplifting information. We can't wait to hear Part 2. Keep up the good work and know that you are very much appreciated.

Thank you for such cutting edge and uplifting information. We can't wait to hear Part 2. Keep up the good work and know that you are very much appreciated.

Where is part 2?

If we haven't said it before, we say it now...Thank You William for all you do! And of course Thanks to all there at Dreamland!
And part 2? We're ready...

Fascinating stuff. I can't help but agree with the statement that the phone hacking scandal in the UK is evidence of the shedding of the old and the opening of the new. That there are so many events happening right now that give credence to this is amazing - from the astrological with Pluto in Scorpio (burning away the superfluous and harmful so the new and improved may appear) to the 2012 phenomena where prophesy & astronomy are starting to dovetail with the energising of our solar system and ultimately ourselves. There is just so much happening that leads me to believe that this is not just wishful thinking but an actual, observable phenomenon and I truly believe it is a great time to be alive. This interview merely confirms this observation.

Thank you Whitley and all who manage Dreamland and all who belong to it. It is important to me.

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