William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday May 2, 2012

High Strangeness and the Summer Olympics

The Sion-Stargate connection to the 2012 Summer Olympics is a surprising and unexpected discovery. Something is hidden in the symbolism of the Olympics. The logo is a square 2012, but when it is spread out, it spells Sion. This is so clear that Iran has been concerned enough to threaten to pull out. Here, Chad Stuemke explains this symbolism and asks just what might be about to happen at the Olympics, then Claire Henry, who was a UK resident for many years and was born there, explains her concerns about the event.

Chad Stuemke's website is ChadStuemke.com

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Claire Henry was a breath of fresh air!

Claire has *the most* beautiful voice. So lovely.

Wenlock and Mandeville, strangest looking Olympic mascots, EVER.

Don't know about the whole 'New World Order' thing, or if this is some kind of' message' to wake us all up, but someone was definitely smoking funny cigarettes or something when they came up with the idea for these little dudes.Drops of steel?



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