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Friday November 1, 2013

Hidden Wisdom

Today, we are joined by Tim Wallace-Murphy, one of the world’s most sought after teachers on the secrets of our Western tradition of esoteric and spiritual

Tim is the author of thirteen published books, eleven of which cover historical aspects of spirituality, including the Knights Templar, the Cathars, Rosslyn Chapel and the western esoteric tradition as well as the Grail genre. The other two, including the most recent are more mainstream, namely 'What Islam did for Us' a study of how Islamic scholarship laid the foundations of so many fundamental and valued aspects of European culture and his latest work 'The Genesis of a Tragedy - A Brief History of the Palestinian People.' Tim was provoked to write this work as the Palestinian side of this conflict is rarely heard in either Western Europe or the United States and if this ongoing running sore in East West relations is ever to be solved, the pain on both sides needs to be understood.

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Hey William - Ease up on Russell Brand, he's one of us. A good guy and a good soul. There is already enough divisivness without dissing people. I hear this undercurrent in some of your interviews. Please practice what you preach!!!

Regarding Russell Brand, I highly recommend listening to Thomas Sheridan's interview with Red Ice Radio (http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2013/10/RIR-131030.php). Both hours are free for nonsubscribers. Sheridan discusses Brand's interview with the BBC in detail and provides an enlightening perspective on what's underneath it all.

Regarding Tim Wallace-Murphy, I always love hearing what he has to say. Thank you for having him on the show. It was an excellent interview.

By the way, Tim wrote on Facebook that this was his 4th interview with William. I can only find 2 others: Nov. 20, 2004 (Dreamland) & May 6, 2009 (Revelations). What am I missing?

Be careful with redice radio and its owner. Beware of all of them, particularly when they cleverly inject their politics. Listener beware and use your own brain.

For Godsakes!
Russell Brand was barely mentioned in this show! (who is he anyway!?)
The message of this show was fantastic and actually portrayed the Craft as it should be.
Love God with all your heart and serve each other like you're family. Regardless!
"The kingdom of heaven is within you."
Quit being farts!

Action speaks louder than words.

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