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Wednesday June 22, 2011

Hidden Legends of Love

Kathleen McGowen is a master of legends and their meaning. You can see her work on episode three of the History Channel's Ancient Aliens, and here she talks about something we all need to hear more about: the fact that 2012 is an exciting and positive period of change, not the dire upheaval that is so beloved of the media and the internet.

This is a period during which people have an enhanced opportunity to awaken, and Kathleen has powerful ideas about just how to do that. She explains how to access the lost senses that the ancient world knew, understood and used.

Her website is KathleenMcGowan.com.

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I am horribly disappointed that I hadn't listened to this program before our sojourn to Los Angeles and the Getty Center this past week. There is so much information in this discussion that I could have used to better view and understand the "old Masters" work there.

Every time that Kathleen McGowan is interviewed I am inspired to get online and ferret out more information. She inspires me to dig into the past with a different perspective and point of view.

Thank you for having such thought inspiring guests.

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