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Tuesday November 6, 2012

Has an Atlantean Hall of Records been Found?

Dr. Greg Little has made 25 trips over the years to the Bahamas in search of Atlantis. This time, he has discovered a massive amount of quarried stones that are beyond explanation. The ruins have been declared an archaeological site by the Bahamian government. He describes this enigmatic discovery--the massive quarried stones and the columns--and discusses just what sort of remains the site known as "Brown's Ruins" might contain, and how they relate to the predictions of Edgar Cayce.

Greg's website is APMagazine.info.

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OMG!!!!! Thank you William and Dr. Greg little for all of this information. My stomach did flip flops as I listened, I even cried a little. I hope my physical self is here long enough to see the discovery of the hall of records and more then anything I would love to be in Bimini but not as a tourist. God bless all of your work. I have been an A.R.E. member since like forever.

This was a truly outstanding Revelation interview . I was an ARE member for many years and like most, was intrigued by the mentions of Bimini, but had all but forgotten about it. Cayce did miss the date by over 40 years, but from his reading state "outside the skein of space and time" dates may have been difficult to discern with precision. Greg was more thorough, thoughtful, and well informed than anyone else I've heard you interview, and never missed a beat the whole time. I was grateful that you facilitated him rather than interjecting yourself and getting in his way as Whitley and Anne are wont to do. There was no time to waste in this story, and I'll wait for any follow-ups with bated breath.I never imagined schist, and was unaware of its presence in Grecian ruins as well. I have scant hope for a satisfactory or timely outcome from the Bahamian bureaucracy, but that may be the karmic irony of our times.

I recall a show, I believe it was Leonard Nimoy's
"In Search Of" that dealt with this. Some guy discovered
an underwater pyramid in this area, and removed a
crystal from the alter within it. Can anyone corroborate this?

I just recently read the story again after l listened to a Coast to Coast interview (11/8/12) with Robert Potter. Apparently he knew the gentleman in question and even received a treatment with the crystal. Hope that helps.


Here is what you are looking for. Scroll down and see pics and a video:


What a nice voice Dr Little has. I recall first hearing him on Dreamland some years back and thought then as I do now that one can almost see the light of awareness emanating from his voice. Nice chap with insight into the value of pursuing discovery. He's kind of the Indiana Jones of the Scuba world, all goggle eyed and racing out to sea. Good stuff.

Thanx Jack & Cosmic!
I didn't know about the History Ch. show either.
Also with Nimoy- "Fascinating!"


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