William Henry's Revelations
Thursday July 5, 2012

The Green Gods: the New Religion of Eco-Faith

This week Revelations explores some of the unexpected symbolism surrounding the green movement, and the surprising hidden reasons for it.

Elilzabeth Leafloor asks, Is all the ecclesiastical symbolism that appeared at the recent UN Earth Summit indicative of a shift towards religious dogma? If so, it encompasses not just modern Christianity, but also ancient beliefs and gods. Some would say the "new age" green religion we are being offered is actually an echo of an old one. Another aspect of this ’Green Jesus’, is the unavoidable association to Osiris.

William Henry knows a great deal about ancient Egyptian religion and its profound gentleness. He asks the question, "is the green movement concealing an iron fist inside a gentle green glove of religious symbolism?"

Read Elizabeth Leafloor's article about this subject on the Red Ice website. Click here.

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i heard that religion is the opiat of the masses. i think opiats are bad for us.

It occurred to me some years ago that Ecology was becoming a religion. I'm glad others have begun to notice this as well. "Green Party" indeed!

I think, really, there is a difference between religion and philosophy.
Religion, yes, can be philosophical, but a philosophy does not necessarily need to be religious, meaning that assuming a position pro-ecology would not require belief in a supernatural power.
What makes sense, makes sense for a reason. Perhaps people are organizing more and more with a pro-ecology philosophy simply because they are starting to feel and see (and measure) very real, drastic change.
Anyway, I hope it's not a "religion," because that, traditionally, seems only to limit how far one can go with any particular issue. And our environment is facing a lot of them, issues, I mean. Right now, we need hordes of bright, smart people, if we want to continue on this planet, and that fact has nothing to do with religion.

Ecology is just that: ecology. It's not religion, nor should simply wanting to do what's best for it make it "religion."

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